ITPM – Emergency Room


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ITPM – Emergency Room

Price : $1150

Just pay : $100

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  • Market updates, indicators that Professional Traders are using to gauge direction and expectations for the day
  • Daily upload of resources to a private download link for all attendees
  • 1 Hour per day Portfolio Maintenance and Help with a private email address to send in your portfolio’s
  • Anton and ITPM Mentors will help with re-organizing portfolio’s to higher probability outcomes and actions to take
  • Live open Q&A area to ASK ANTON ANYTHING (AAA)

Starts Monday May 4th at 8am EST (every weekday)

You will receive the webinar link 1 hour before and again 5 minutes before each webinar begins.

Restricted to 150 people due to questioning limitations

Pricing; –

ITPM First Timers = $750

Institute Traders = $850

ITPM Alumni < 12 Months = $1,000

ITPM Alumni > 12 Months = $1,200

PLEASE NOTE: Ensure you purchase the right ticket type and enter your correct and full name & details. Spurious details will not receive the webinar link.

If you get the right ticket type & enter correct details, you will receive the webinar link every day 1 hour before and again 5 minutes before the daily webinars begin.

Ticket Sales end on May 3rd. There is no “daily rate” available. You are either in by May 3rd or you are not.

Even if you do not currently have a live Portfolio the ITPM Emergency Room will be highly educational. We are at a moment in history. Sit on the shoulders of Pro-Traders to see how to manage the mayhem and gain Priceless Experience!

We will get through the chaos together and come out of it WINNING!

LINK sent to delegates at 7AM EST (New York Time)

8AM EST (New York Time) Start, 8.45AM open questions, 9AM Finish.

Webinar Speakers – Anton Kreil, Anthony Iser, Ross Williams, Raj Malhotra, Jason Mcdonald


Monday May 4th – Anton Kreil & Ross Williams

Tuesday May 5th – Anton Kreil and Anthony Iser

Wednesday May 6th – Anton Kreil & Jason Mcdonald

Thursday May 7th – Anton Kreil & Raj Malhotra

Friday May 8th – Anton Kreil & Chris Cathey

Monday May 11th – Anton Kreil & Ross Williams

Tuesday May 12th – Anton Kreil & Anthony Iser

Wednesday May 13th – Anton Kreil & Jason Mcdonald

Thursday May 14th – Anton Kreil & Raj Malhotra

Friday May 15th – Anton Kreil & Chris Cathey

Anton Kreil – Managing Partner – Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management

Anton is the Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, an independent global community of 750 Traders across 22 countries. Anton manages and oversees the Institute Community, the Institute parent company’s (Jakubstadt Holdings) global portfolio (as Managing Partner) via Corporate trading accounts from Singapore and his own long-term investments outside the Institute.

Anton has had a distinguished career as a Professional Trader in the Financial Markets. He opened his first trading account when he was sixteen and traded profitably through the tech boom in the late nineteen nineties. He was the first person out of four hundred students in his Economics undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester to receive a formal job offer from an Investment Bank trading desk. Goldman Sachs saw his track record and hired him on an “unconditional offer”, meaning Goldman Sachs contractually stated that he could get any mark in his degree and they would still hire him as a Professional Trader. He completed the infamous Goldman Sachs Analyst Program (2000) and Associate Program (2002) in New York, which has been responsible for training a disproportionately large amount of the world’s best Investment Bank and Hedge Fund Traders of the last thirty years.

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