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Inspire3 – Brain Salon

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Switch on razor sharp focus; Rocket your mood and happiness; Experience High-Energy boosts; Turbo-charge your creativity; Enjoy the best night’s sleep; Tap into total relaxation! By simply Just pressing a button and you can turn all these hi-tech dreams into reality.’ Is this a science fiction movie?

After over 18 months in development, Inspire3 Ltd has finally launched a new series of Brainwave Entrainment CD “The Brain Salon.” Speaking at the launch, co-developer Justin Hammond said: “Being in the wrong state of mind really holds us back in life. With the Brain Salon, you can now control precisely how you feel. Just slip on a pair of headphones and listen. It’s easy!”

The program was developed at BrainEv Labs by brainwave specialist Craig Tice – and comes from the Inspire3, the same group that brought the world-famed Brain Evolution System. The Brain Salon package includes six 30-minute audio sessions for inducing individual states, including heightened focus, improved mood, increased energy levels, creativity, sleep, and relaxation.

Dr Joe Rubino, founder of commented: “Brain Salon is a powerful brainwave entrainment program that produces altered states of consciousness upon command. Whether you want to sharpen your focus, enter a happy state, gain energy, chill out, or enter a blissfully relaxed sleep state, this amazing brain entrainment program can do it all. I love it!”

Another user, Peter Shepherd (Founder of commented “Brainwave entrainment has powerful benefits, that’s clear. But they tend to be non-specific, across the board. What if you want to achieve one particular state, ’cos that’s what you need right now? That’s possible with these Brain Salon sessions!

You want to cool out, get ideas, go to sleep, feel energized or just very happy, or get 100% switched on mentally – take the session and you’ve got it! You ’get the hang’ of these states too, so after enough practice you don’t even need the entrainment to control your own mind. It’s worked for me and I’m sure will do the same for you.”

“It’s a New Year, and time for change,” Self-developer leader, Karl Moore (, author of The Secret Art of Self-Development, was heavily involved in the production of the sessions spoke at the launch. “These recordings can help you become the best you can be. Whenever I want to get focused, whenever I want to improve my mood – I now just hit the play button. Brain Salon rocks!”

The entire Brain Salon program contains 6 audio sessions, available on CD and as instant downloads, and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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