Igor Ledochowski – Mind Bending Language Decks


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Igor Ledochowski - Mind Bending Language Decks

Igor Ledochowski – Mind Bending Language Decks

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The Mind Bending Language Card System – (the ONLY “all-inclusive” place on earth you can “upload” the mind bending language skill into you) — comprises 16 audio CDs and 3 decks of mind bending language training cards.

Basically the components of the system break down like this:

CDs 1  2: Lay the groundwork for the entire system and cover the fundamentals of mind bending language (MBL) and how it fits into the overall framework of hypnosis.

CDs 3  8 (Used in conjunction with card deck 1): Formulas You Can Use For Instant Effect:

These CDs and Card Deck 1 cover predefined language patterns of mind bending language (MBL). Together they get you up to speed quickly with how to use MBL and can be considered your “training wheels”.

In this module you have 5 suits of cards – each containing 10 cards – for a total of 50 cards.

Each card has a special MBL pattern that I’ve carefully created to spin your mind out in one of the 5 FUNDAMENTAL directions.

As you practice with this module you’ll be learning to speak in mind-bending ways. This allows YOU to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your own mind so you automatically start thinking in more expansive ways.

CDs 9  12: (Used in conjunction with card deck 2):  Using Mind Bending Language In Any Situation:

These CD’s and card deck 2 show you how to smoothly lace together MBL POWER WORDS into a natural conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s during this component of the system that you’ll learn how to “go freestyle” with MBL so you instinctively start using it without relying on memory or the cards.

In this module you’ll take the THEMES that are imbedded in module to turn ANYTHING you say to ANYONE at ANY TIME into something mind-bending…

The ONLY thing they will know is that somehow they cannot think the same way, or feel the same way, or even see the situation in the same way anymore.

There are 4 suits with 15 cards in each suit making up 60 cards in this module.

CDs 13  16: (Used in conjunction with card deck 3): Advanced Strategies For Maximum Results:

These CD’s and card deck 3 will show you how to become very strategic with MBL so you naturally think, talk and act like a master mind bending hypnotists who can shift people’s perceptions very quickly – shifting people in and out of covert trances within minutes of talking to them… overcoming people’s problems, fears and anxiety and get them “unstuck”… sometimes without even saying anything (Hint: Language is just one way of achieving mind bending results).

Once you have stretched your mind and then expanded your vocabulary so you can instinctively FLOW with MBLs anytime anyplace and with anyone… the time comes for you to get more and more STRATEGIC with the WAY that you use your language.

You see MBLs can be used subtly – with undetectably small spins that nudge people’s mind one way or the other.

To do this elegantly and with guaranteed results, you need to understand the way that people think and use language – the assumptions that the mind has made – so that the MBLs can be used with laser targeted precision to get the exact result you want.

The 4 suits in this deck (59 cards) will give you that precision. It will give you strategies to use at different times and it will give you some advanced concepts in Mind Bending Language that will take your power words to new heights.

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