Juicing to Profit – How to Start a Juicing Business 2023


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Juicing to Profit – How to Start a Juicing Business


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Your 6 Stage Plan to
Start and Grow Your
Cold-Pressed Juice Business

How to start a juice business?
You have to master the basics of a retail business

But there’s a problem…

Business school takes a lot of time

Developing yourself can be expensive

Nobody has given you a plan

Most courses are boring and ineffective

There’s information overload

Other juice businesses don’t share their process.

Where do you start?
Your 6 stage plan.

We combined the experience of hundreds of people that have started their juice business. The struggles. The successes. We’ve bottled the lessons into 6 stages.

  1. Planning
  2. Product
  3. Branding
  4. Process
  5. Marketing
  6. Profits

Topics covered in this juice business course

Each stage includes an in-depth, downloadable worksheet.


In this video Jeff outlines what this course is about and talks about the calling of helping others with juice in this business.

2. The 6 Stages of a Juice Business

The 6 stage method that will guide you through this entire course.

3. Your Juice Business Plan

What steps will you take to start? Our example business plan will help you understand what steps you need to take.

4. Understanding Your Customer

Jeff breaks down how different juice businesses connect authentically with their customers. Small choices in positioning will reflect in the important choices down the road.

5. Investing in a Juicer

Which juicer is the best for the stage of business you’re in right now? Learn the 4 criteria to choose the right juicer and determine the bottles of juice you can produce with each one.

6. Menu Planning

How do you strategically plan your menu to be flexible, has variety but is not overwhelming.

7. Developing Your Recipes – Part 1

Learn the 4 steps to formulate new recipes and create new exciting flavors. Draft your trial recipes and picking the right ingredients.

8. Developing Your Recipes – Part 2

Now we will formuate your recipes. And learn how to use the flavor profile to enhance or balance flavors.

9. Importance of Sample Tasting

learn the method to sample taste your juices and get important feedback to further develop and improve your juices.

10. Extending Shelf Life

This video will cover the topic that a short shelf life can be a blessing, not a curse. And how to naturally get the longest shelf life possible.

11. The Process of Making Juice

What are the steps involved when you are making juice? Jeff will go over the step by step juice instruction manual to help you to create juices easier, faster and less stressful.

12. Consistency in Taste

Jeff highlights the importance of measuring everything when making juice. And you’ll learn how to create consistency by using a simple method called RYN (Recipe Yield Number).

13. Standard Operating Procedures

How will you make your business run more smoothly and efficiently? By using SOP’s we can define and document how we work.

14. Defining Your Brand Message

Many businesses are the best kept secret in town. Learn about the 5 levels of branding and how to determine a powerful brand message that will put your business on the map.

15. Designing Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity can be a very important part of communicating the message you want in your design. In this chapter, Jeff discusses his approach in creating a brand board and how to collaborate with a designer.

16. Packaging, Bottles & Labels

What are the most simple and effective ways to get started with picking your bottles and designing your labels.

17. Choosing a Business Model

A business model will determine how you will make money with your juicing business. Let’s explore 7 different business models that succesfully work for other businesses.

18. Marketing Your Juicing Business

Learn how to communicate your message to your customers. Using the Story Marketing Campaign we can tell our story from different perspectives.

19. Cost of Goods Sold

What is calculated in the COGS of a juice. Learn about food cost, packaging and labor that will determine your cost of goods sold.

20. Pricing Your Juice

Pricing is one of the most important components of a business. How do you determine your juice price, and establish a profit margin.

21. Juice Price Calculator

The excel juice price calculator will help you to calculate your juice price. But it will also show you how much of each ingredient you will need, your exact cost of goods sold and how much profit you’ll be making.

Digital Juice Business Tools Included

We will supply you with all of the tools you’re going to need to get started.

15 Best Selling Recipes

Choose the recipes you like as a starting point or to draw ideas from.

Juice Price Calculator

No complex calculations. It will calculate your retail price based on your food cost and profit margin.

Label templates

These include the 7 requirements for a label. Add your ingredients and logo. Print it out. Stick it on a bottle.

Guide Book

The original how to start a juicing business e-book has helped hundreds of people to get started.

Branding designs

Safe a lot of time. From photographs of juice bottles to a pre-designed folder.

Exercise sheets

Step by step clarity on the business you are building.

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