Harlan Kilstein – Tube Traffic Jam – The YouTube Secret Weapon


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Harlan Kilstein - Tube Traffic Jam - The YouTube Secret Weapon

Harlan Kilstein – Tube Traffic Jam – The YouTube Secret Weapon

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Get Harlan Kilstein – Tube Traffic Jam – The YouTube Secret Weapon right now!

– The first course that checks your work so you can’t make a mistake! –

– Look over your shoulder approach ensures your success –

– Have the confidence of having a YouTube insider guiding you step by step –

– Inside information on targeting with suggestions for keywords –

  • Ready – AIM – Fire

  • Defining our goals on paper

  • Where do we want to unleash our traffic jam?

  • Traffic Jam to build massive list

  • Traffic Jam to build an arbitrage site

  • Traffic Jam to build affiliate paydays

  • Mapping out our game plan

  • Turning On the Traffic

  • Setting Up A YouTube Channel

  • Setting Up An Adwords Account (Coupons)

  • Linking the Two Together

  • Adding Your Supervisor

  • What are your keywords?

  • Spying on the competition

  • Secret Codes that make you rich

  • What are YouTube viewers looking for?

  • Discovering buyer intent

  • Now: What are YOUR buyers looking for?

  • What makes a good ad (YouTube tells you)

  • The ad everyone does (and doesn’t work)

  • Why crappy ads out pull fancy ads

  • The Five Formula

  • Getting the Click

  • Getting your ad reviewed before you test it.

  • Uploading your ad and adding end cards.

  • Adding your websites to YouTube

  • YouTube’s Rule of Two

  • Getting Your Keywords approved

  • Testing on a low budget

  • Getting your results approved

  • Ad creation strategies

  • Using the equipment and software you have.

  • Ad creation can’t be THIS easy can it?

  • Does you ad have the main ingredient?

  • Adding your CTA

  • YouTube’s new changes

  • YouTube’s one weakness (and how to prepare for it)

  • Affiliate cash strategies

  • What belongs in an affiliate video

  • List building videos

  • What belongs in a list building video

  • Arbitrage videos

  • Testing and tracking

  • Scaling for the win!

  • The YouTube Secret Weapon

  • What DOESN’T Google know?

  • Retargeting Strategies

  • Look-a-like lists

  • Retargeting Strategies

  • Launch strategies

  • Outsourcing Strategies

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