Harlan Kilstein – The Hypnotic Secret: Weight Loss: Eliminate Night Time Eating


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Harlan Kilstein – The Hypnotic Secret: Weight Loss: Eliminate Night Time Eating

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Dateline TV Laughed When He Said Hypnosis…

They Stopped Laughing When They Saw The Results

A few years back, “Dateline” sent a letter to the alumin at Quincy High School in Massachusetts, looking for people who might want to lose a few pounds for their 25th high school reunion.

They had to have at least 30 pounds to lose and get their doctor’s OK. They could pick from one of six weight loss methods, from the all protein no carb diet, counting points or the leading weight loss shake, to extreme exercise, having your own famous weight loss guru, and even hypnosis.

The idea was to see how well the diets work and who can lose the most.

Dateline ended up with six volunteers: one of the toughest guys on the football team; one of the brainier girls, who was president of the math club; a soft-spoken lady’s man whom almost everyone liked; a busy bee back in high school who was class secretary; and the homecoming queen — that’s right, the queen is also overweight.

Dateline put the major diet plans to the test with six members a particular class. Each participant wanted to lose weight before their 25th high school reunion. Like thousands of my own hypnosis clients, Bakery Chef Mark Merlis found that hypnosis made all the difference.

Instant Results

When beginning the Dateline challenge, Marc Merlis, tipped the scales at 245 pounds. His task is even greater, to lose 50 pounds — which might be tough, given his occupation. He’s a pastry chef with a major weakness for good food.

What’s happened to Marc is similar to what happens to most folks. Around the time he had kids, his exercise fell off and he developed poor eating habits. Today his cholesterol is 322 and according to his doctor, dangerously high.

Marc agreed to let a hypnotist work with him. At his first session, the hypnotist takes Marc up an imaginary flight of stairs. The journey lasts a half an hour. The goal is to revisit his thinner days and envision a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t laugh. After one week under hypnosis, are you ready? Marc lost 13 pounds.

Before he knew it Marc was exercising, eating well and shedding pounds — 25 pounds the first month. And with the help of the hypnotist’s tapes, he stayed on track. Two months in, he was down 34 pounds.

His Wife is Ecstatic!

“Did you tell him your wife’s all excited ’cause now she can run up, she can actually jump on you and wrap her legs right around you?” said Cheryl Merlis, Marc’s wife exclaimed with joy.

Now, the man who couldn’t get motivated can’t be held back. Marc’s got himself a fitness trainer, religiously listens to tapes made by the hypnotist, and all he wants is healthy food. For lunch he’s having a black bean burger, asparagus and a salad.

In January, Marc couldn’t even get into his varsity jacket. Now his wife has a nickname for him: Droopy Drawers. After only three months under hypnosis, Droopy Drawers has lost the most so far, a staggering 40 pounds.

When Dateline NBC aired its follow up on the “Ultimate Diet Challenge” and guess who was closest to his goal weight? That’s right; it’s the client who chose hypnosis, Marc Merlis, who was exactly 8 lbs. away from his goal.

At the six month point Dateline reported, “As for the hypnotized baker, things couldn’t be better. By April he had lost almost five inches off his waist. And look who else caught the fever. His wife went to the hypnotist to quit smoking. And guess what? She says she no longer has the desire to smoke. Smoke free, fat free, the Merlis’s are flying…”

More and more former dieters rare turning to hypnosis and, like Marc, are discovering that it’s more effective than the leading weight loss shake, safer than a bacon-cheeseburger protein diet, less painful than training for a marathon, and doesn’t involve counting points, calories, or a yo-yo diet.

Here’s what they say:

It’s Like a Miracle!

“Wow – I can so NO to all my favorite foods without effort. I no longer have my crazy desire for sweets and I’ve only been coming here for 2 weeks. It’s like a miracle” Gayle Scott – Hallandale

My doctor took me off insulin!

“I started hypnosis with Dr. Kilstein 6 weeks ago as I was celebrating my 80 birthday. Outside of losing weight, the most rewarding result was my sugar level has lowered to the point I do not use insulin – an average drop of 40 to 50 points lower.

I have no desire to eat junk food and my intake of carbohydrate is dramatically lower. I intend to continue the new eating habits.” Ralph Weinman – Hollywood

“Size 12 to Size 4”
Harlan’s hypnosis has made a lot of good things happen in my life besides losing weight. My cholesterol has come down and I have been off medication. For two years, I had to sleep with a machine and I no longer need that.

My grandson’s getting married so I had to buy a new dress size 4. When I came here I was a size 12 and it wasn’t going to be too long before I went up to a 14. I had made up my mind that was not going to happen.

I knew from the beginning that hypnosis would work for me.

I had done an experiment with hypnosis for childbirth 45 years ago. Hypnosis was great as there was no pain.” Ann Elkins – Hollywood

The Best Decision I Have Made
I came to Dr Kilstein with an open mind to hypnosis but with questions. After 5 weeks of following the program I have lost 17 pounds in an almost effortless way. The experience that I have had so far has been the best decision I have made in my life. My wants and questions have been answered.” Eric Feldman Hollywood

I Got Rid of 50 Pounds of Fat
“I got rid of 50 pounds of fat! Yey! I am more confident and I am definitely much happier.” Mary Jane Boswell Deerfield Beach

Starting My New Life Now

“I am 74 years old and had polio at the age of 12, which made me wear a brace on my right leg from the hip to the bottom of my foot…I still wear one. I got rid of 21 pounds and love doing yoga twice a week. I can now put my foot all the way to the top of my head and that’s with my brace on!

I think hypnosis is a great benefit. I am starting my new life now.” Esther Fravel Miami

My Doctor Is Amazed
“I don’t know when I have felt so vital and full of energy. My life and health have improved in too many ways to mention. I would have to write a book on the subject.

After seven months with Dr Kilstein my cholesterol is down from 235 to 150 and I am off medication altogether. Dress size went from 16 to 8. Everything has changed for the better (ALL POSITIVE) in my life. GONE with the more than 30 pounds are the stress, cravings, and 8 to 9 year use of sleeping pills. My doctor is amazed at my progress and said whatever you are doing, keep it up!” Ginny Hyniewicz – Fort Lauderdale

Now a lot of people have asked me for a hypnosis weight loss recording and I’ve prepared one for you. It was one of my most popular recordings. It’s called:

Eliminate Night Time Eating.

This recording features my multiple voice tracks so it will have a positive effect.

Of course you realize that everyone is different. No one can guarantee results. I’m not going to lie and say this will work for everyone.

But it has worked for a lot of people. And since Beach season is just around the corner, I thought I’d make this available.

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