Hari Swaminathan – Advanced Options Trading Course


Price : $497/month
Just pay : $99
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Hari Swaminathan - Advanced Options Trading Course

Hari Swaminathan –  Advanced Options Trading Course

Price : $497/month
Just pay : $99
Sale Page :

Advanced Options Trading Course


In this course, you’ll experience the power of a myriad number of advanced Option strategies. The different building blocks from the earlier courses come together in these fascinating sets of techniques, tactics, and strategies for protfiatable Options Trading.

Sample Video Playlist from Advanced Options Course

The “rubber meets the road” in this course. Condors, Straddles, Calendars, Butterflies, Strangles – All provide different trading approaches. No engineering required.

What’s Waiting For You Inside?

Build the ultimate flexibility into your approaches

Markets go through periods of excitement, depression, and negative sentiments. It could move violently as in the BREXIT vote. Or the recent US election results. It is important to learn how to craft a strategy for any sentiment, be it time decay for flat markets, a volatility explosion, or a volatility crush. The right strategy at the right time is 75% of the job done.

Operate with military-like precision

No other asset vehicle provides you with the ability to target the precise parameters that drive price, volatility and sentiment. You may have wondered “Why are these instruments called OPTIONS”. It’s because “There’s always an OPTION for that”. In fact hundreds of options for any situation at any given time. And you will find the optimal one over time with practice.

It’s all Advanced, more Advanced and Mastery

No one will argue that Iron Condors are advanced. However, in this course, Iron Condors are just the building blocks for “Advanced Iron Condor”. Even that is not the finish line, because once you reach this level, you’ll be ready for the OPTIONS MASTERY SERIES. This is the Elite level. Seal team 6 or the SAS and such groups with fierce capabilities. This must be your goal.


By now, it should be very clear to you that Markets ARE tough, ruthless and unforgiving. If we may say so, the earlier you come to this conclusion, the better off you’ll be. It’s a tough battle with the market makers on the other side. Imagine playing Chess with Kasparov, Ouch..The key is to get the EDGE to your side in bits and pieces, and after this course, you’ll know where to find them.


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