Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – The New Goals Course


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Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – The New Goals Course

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A body you love with all the energy you desire . . A life free of stress, anger, depression and anyother feeling that leaves you feeling less thangreat . . .
Freedom of the highest level, financially,emotionally, spiritually . . .Yes, imagine that from this moment forward,
youexperience only happiness and joy in any givensituation at least ninety percent of the time
 for therest of your life.Now
notice the feelings that arise for you
 . . . arethey positive and optimistic that this is exactly whatyou will experience from this moment on?Or do you have heavy feelings and thoughts thatsay, “You don’t know my problems. My life stinks.” or“You can’t help me. I can’t help myself. The bestthings in life always go to someone else.” or “That’s just life. I’ve always felt this way and I probablyalways will.”FACT: If you do not feel as happy, confident, andpositive as you desire, in any situation, it is for onesimple reason: you are literally
holding feelings
 thatprevent you from experiencing this.THE GOOD NEWS IS HEREThese feelings you have are just feelings. You canlet these feelings go just as easily as you can let anobject you are holding drop to the ground.
 Yourfeelings will only prevent you from havingexactly what you want for as long as you chooseto hold them.
So, whether you choose to hold your feelings for therest of your life or whether you choose to releasethem now—
right now 
—is yours.
If you want to let your feelings go and have allthat you desire, The Sedona Method will teachyou how…
Many of the articles that comprisethis guide are from a series of articles basedon
The Sedona Method 
 that will give you asmall taste of what you can expect from thisunique and powerful program. These articlesare designed to give you immediate benefitwhether or not you ever decide to go anyfurther. If you do go further, you will learnhow to access your natural ability to let go ofany unwanted feeling on the spot and freeyourself to have all that your heart desires. Ifyou would like to enjoy all the benefits of thispowerful tool, I recommend you get yourown copy ofThe Sedona Method Audio Course. Enjoy!
“I had no idea that this course could back up itsclaims. I thought it was another non-practical self-help course. I was surprised! Simple is better, and people are more likely to use what is simple. I’vereleased “bad tapes” and negative feelings. I’vedeveloped better self-control and calmness. I’mastonished how I release without even thinking aboutit!” HQ, Climax, NC“The Sedona Method is something that every familyshould own and every member of the family use until(s)he obtains EVERYTHING that (s)he desires in thislifetime. To emphasize that last statement, I ambuying a set for each of our four ‘kids’ for Christmasthis year.” Lyle Medley, Independence, MO“Shortly after listening to the first four tapes, Isuddenly had the realization that ‘WOW, these tapesare valuable.’ Without a doubt, I consider TheSedona Method Course to be my most valuable possession.” Everett Edstrom, Waterford, WI

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