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Graham English – Absolute pitch power Complete

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Aren’t you curious to experience what it’s like to have absolute pitch, to be able to hear with such precision? To hear what the greatest composers like Mozart, Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven heard? And to perform among the greatest class of musicians like Horowitz, Rubinstein, Miles Davis, Sinatra and Oscar Peterson? Read on…

Learn absolute pitch while you relax!

That’s right! Relaxation and a focused mind state are a couple of the secrets to achieving absolute pitch quickly. These accelerated learning techniques are gaining popularity because of their fast and effective way to create massive change in YOU. Are you ready for this? YES!

Absolute Pitch Power comes with 5 sessions on 2 CDs and step-by-step instructions. Since we want you to succeed, support is only an email away. You’re not just getting another audio course to add to your library, you’re getting a complete and interactive ear training system!

Absolute Pitch Power    2 CDs with step-by-step instructions (This is all you need to get absolute pitch!)

Absolute Pitch Power    PLUS access to an exclusive members-only website

Absolute Pitch Power    Ear training software downloads

Absolute Pitch Power    Personal coaching

Absolute Pitch Power    Ear training audio downloads

Absolute Pitch Power    The latest and most effective ear training exercises

Absolute Pitch Power    FREE Absolute Pitch Power course updates

Absolute Pitch Power    Bonus absolute pitch sessions and MORE!

With absolute pitch, everything comes easier. And you can learn it regardless of your instrument, playing style, age or current ability. 

Don’t you want to improve your performing, composing, arranging, transposing, improvising, sight-reading, your own enjoyment and so much more?

Then buy Absolute Pitch Power and discover an amazing and powerful skill that will take you to the top of your ability!

Uncover your hidden talent with Absolute Pitch Power and:

Absolute Pitch Power    Compose music all in your head, just like Mozart

Absolute Pitch Power    Know exactly what you want to play

Absolute Pitch Power    Recognize exactly what you hear – know any tone or chord

Absolute Pitch Power    Play by ear and improvise like the masters

Absolute Pitch Power    Perform with confidence

Absolute Pitch Power    Sight-read with precision

Absolute Pitch Power    Enjoy richer perception and more stimulating music appreciation

Absolute Pitch Power    Sing correct tones without a starting pitch

Just think – the amount of new music you will hear through Absolute Pitch Power will probably more than pay for the package. Your demand as a superior musician will pay you big time! 

And for a limited time only, Absolute Pitch Power is selling for 25% off! I must be crazy because it’s already a bargain! The truth is, I want to make saying “YES” easy for you. This is a very important decision for your music career. Probably the most important decision you will make. And the longer you wait, the more opportunities you could miss.

Listen, if you hired me to teach you absolute pitch personally, it would cost over $450! But I’m practically giving Absolute Pitch Power away at an unbelievably low price.

And that’s not all you get….

As a bonus, I’m going to throw in The Musical Creativity Generator (a $29.95 value!). This is the juice to your new found absolute pitch. The Musical Creativity Generator unleashes the power of your subconscious mind to manifest great works of art. You’ll experience a creative renaissance and prolific output like that of the world’s most revered musicians!

So with Absolute Pitch Power and The Musical Creativity Generator, you will be ready to embark on a musical revolution, right? You will if you have the confidence.

And to be sure you have that confidence, I’m giving you yet another bonus:
Unshakable Confidence! (a $29.95 value!)

Unshakable Confidence will give you the courage and the strength to share your new found skills with the entire world! This is the answer to your question, “how can I be heard?” Get ready to conquer fear and embrace success!

If you paid for these sessions in person, you would be paying over $600! And I already told you that Absolute Pitch Power is 25% off. But the price I’m offering is well below $300, it’s even below $200!

In fact, the price of Absolute Pitch Power, The Musical Creativity Generator and Unshakable Confidence is below $100!

At Last!
Ear Training That Works!
“How Absolute Pitch Power
Will Revolutionize Your Ear

…I know your inner-most desire is to become the best musician you possibly can, and Absolute Pitch Power was created to serve that desire, by tapping into your Musical Genius and getting all you want right now.

Absolute Pitch Power - 7 steps to guaranteed absolute pitch!This program was specifically created to reveal the secret behind acquiring absolute pitch fast and easy, and is 110% Guaranteed to revolutionize your ear forever. We are so confident in your ability to acquire absolute pitch that we have bundled three unique Guarantees into our offer, so you can buy at ease and with absolutely No Risk whatsoever. (Details Below)

You will find that your ear will quickly and easily become more aware of sound and pitch, and will pick up the finest and faintest sounds around you within hours of using the program. Your newfound awareness will bring you the confidence and motivation you’ve been craving for, to make you the musician you want to be.

Imagine having absolute pitch right now…

Do you hear yourself…

Absolute Pitch Power    Playing more exciting solos and becoming an exceptional performer

Absolute Pitch Power    Creating music spontaneously and with confidence

Absolute Pitch Power    Enjoying a new, more enriched and passionate musical experience

Absolute Pitch Power    Graduating to a higher level of musical kinship and playing with better musicians

Do you also see yourself…

Absolute Pitch Power    Having the freedom to play in any situation

Absolute Pitch Power    Having limitless opportunities for creative expression

Absolute Pitch Power    Inspiring those around you and lifting them to higher levels

Absolute Pitch Power    Being a great band leader to musicians who look up to your expertise

Absolute Pitch Power    Being in demand because of your virtuosity and getting paid more!

Absolute Pitch Power    Dominating your music scene

Do you feel the power of absolute pitch now…

Absolute Pitch Power    People loving your playing, creativity and command of the instrument

Absolute Pitch Power    Experiencing increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect

Absolute Pitch Power    The unlimited musical and personal growth!

Absolute Pitch Power    The huge jump in your musical development

Absolute Pitch Power    The fulfillment of your musical direction, purpose and goals

Absolute Pitch Power    Establishing superiority in the eyes of other musicians


Absolute Pitch Power uses the power of your subconscious mind to take on this skill with ease. How does this work? In psychology and medicine, the placebo effect is a well documented and scientifically measurable response on the part of the body to be healthier (or in the case of a nocebo, to be sicker) based only upon expectancy, suggestion and belief. The power of your mind is truly amazing! Absolute Pitch Power uses modern brain science and accelerated learning techniques to skillfully and scientifically create the expectancy, suggestion, belief and speed for you to achieve absolute pitch.

Are you tired of not having the musical influence you want? Take heart, you now can posses absolute pitch with astonishing speed. And soon, everyone will listen to you!

How good will it feel at your next rehearsal when you know every note that everyone is playing! And when you step up to take a solo, you know exactly what to play that’s going to make their jaws drop. And as your friends stare at you in awe, you just smile and play your genius little heart out!

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