Gerald Kein – Waking Hypnosis


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Gerald Kein – Waking Hypnosis

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When using these techniques your client or others may not be aware they are being hypnotized. Consequently, little resistance is experienced obtaining the state or to suggestion effectiveness.

-Learn how to establish a deep state of waking hypnosis any time, any place and under any circumstance.
-Discover how to place clients in a deep state of hypnosis during the pre-talk.
-Learn how to utilize waking hypnosis to combat client resistance.
-Gain the knowledge necessary to utilize waking hypnosis as the format for the entire session with great success.
-Discover several different methods to establish a deep state of waking hypnosis.
-Prepare yourself to use waking hypnosis on others every day in daily living experiences.
-Learn how to use waking hypnosis in emergency situations.


Gerald Kein - Waking Hypnosis
Gerald Kein - Waking Hypnosis

Get  Gerald Kein – Waking Hypnosis on

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