Gene Ang – The Art of Higher Forms of Manifestation


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Gene Ang – The Art of Higher Forms of Manifestation

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The Art of Higher Forms of Manifestation mp3s

The capacity to create in the various dimensions and in particular in the physical dimension is one of our purposes in this life.  One conceptualization of this process is to divide techniques of manifestation into low magic versus high magic.  Low magic is the ability to use spiritual principles to manifest personal aims and desires.  High magic is using those same spiritual principles to develop the soul and to manifest the Divine Plan.  Both forms serve their purpose and are sequential in their development in the individual.  In this class we will be both going over the main concepts involved in low and high magic and learning powerful techniques to demonstrate these capacities.  Highlights in this section include:

-Discussion of a multi-dimensional model of creation and thought form power and manifestation
-Working with the Archangels, Solar Angles, and in particular Archangel Michael

-Use of certain crystals to help protect and manifest projects
-How to neutralize thought forms
-Ethics and karma in manifestation work
–Manifesting the Divine plan
-Creation of elementals
-Neutralizing harmful elementals such as in addiction
-Prayer as a form of creating angelic elementals
-Difference in degrees of crystallization of thought forms
-The secret to character building: neutralizing harmful elementals and replacing them with beneficial ones
-The Fifth Ether or Moral Ether and our role in co-creating future realities
-Healing the environment through the creation of positive elementals.

-Also included are two energy transmissions to facilitate abundance and prosperity in your life.

This is a recording in mp3 format of a live two day class.  There are over 10 hours of recordings as part of this package.

The Art of Higher Forms of Manifestation mp3s

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