Gaylene Popovski – Colorful Life Chakra Program


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Gaylene Popovski – Colorful Life Chakra Program

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Created so you can feel an incredible amount of Love and Support to experience your life here and to manifest with happiness and Joy in your own unique expression.

This beautiful and complete program is to allow all aspects of You to live Harmony.

The MP3’s are for a very powerful, yet gentle level of release of restrictions, limitations and upset that can now be replaced with a new sense of freedom.

It is like a dream… every day I wake a different person having released a part of me that was stuck in time –that was restricted… I cannot stop smiling. I feel lighter, getting up is easier. 

These miracles started happening as soon as I started the 12 day program… I have spent a fortune on trying to feel better, to change and nothing could help me… I would not have believed it except that I experienced it. I do not have words that can express my gratitude. With so much love,


It is very interesting to discover that we have so many aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of. How do we operate and not even know ourselves?


This is partly due to the world and people around us constantly demanding our attention, as well as us having so many unresolved issues that we are left with a limited amount of attention and awareness to live our life with more happiness.


The chakra program is all about freeing up our attention so we can be more present, and the results of being more present mean we get to enjoy being ourselves. We can experience the bliss of being ourselves in our own life with unwanted restrictions and limitations removed and have much more free attention for manifesting.


This program it is not about scratching the surface – that would be a waste of our time – it is about having a powerful resource that works, and letting everyone experience a support of energy you may have never had before, but which is very much needed to accomplish an optimal level of change. The MP3’s in this program have bwe in a flow of sequences – as we are shifting through a range of emotions, patterns and upset, 6 added layers of healing and a layer of music for our heart to enjoy and easy listening. I have made silent MP3’s that match the bwe for the day – the difference in the MP3’s being the layer of deletions relating to the chakra for that day.


Delete the Effects of Bullying

Deals with bullying issues and returns the energy back to the sender in a neutral state.


Chakra Clearing and Aligning

Clears negativity/upset from 12 aspects of ourselves – and makes letting go easier.


Chakra Healing Energy

Sends healing energy to the 12 aspects of ourselves to assist in clearing unseen effects from others on an energy (intention) level.


Body Strengthening

Strengthens every organ, system and structure in the body so you can know and feel its esteem and release it.


Healing Energy

The equivalent of a full body healing treatment to calm and support the physical body to feel safe and assured.


Deleting and aligning for each MP3

It aligns you to your own sense of power and empowerment.


The bwe has a flow of specific bwe tracks per MP3

Releases the different effects of upset as it comes up in relation to the issue – so the old feelings and attitudes flow through, instead of being stuck.


Music has been added to each track

Allows the heart to connect through, feeling uplifted.


Today’s MP3 is for The Solar Plexus. I start at the solar plexus first, as it allows change in the higher chakras and as they begin to clear, the lower aspects of ourselves are supported to change as well.

The solar plexus is where we initially consider our decisions – when we are in decision mode our awareness naturally goes to that area.

Upsets come from not being allowed to make decisions in our life. If we have had our decision-making put down in any way, and if we have interpreted a decision as a failure and not known how to make a clear assessment, or to make a correction which leads to enjoying and being confident with decision-making and the outcome from that decision.

A lot of anxiety can also be felt in this center if you didn’t experience being supported or helped to have solutions in life and/or were forced into making decisions too early in life that you had no preparation for.

Thoughts, feeling or words that show up with blocks at this center can be:

“I don’t know!”, “I don’t want to!”, “Who cares?”, “Leave me alone!”, “I hate you!”, “I hate me!”, exhaustion, resentment, “You are breaking my back!” or “Get off my back!”, expressed in attitude or words.

This mp3 is to assist you to feel balanced and centered so you can be comfortable with your decisions.

There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.



When manifesting at this center we create a charge to attach to our decided manifestation – this energy propels the manifestation into creation.


It is based on how the thought of the manifestation makes us feel and it is well worth looking at the quality of the feeling we are producing here.


Upsets here can come from feeling strongly attacked by the emotional upset of others, causing you to feel unsupported and unsafe, which made your heart center weak and love for yourself may not have been strong enough for you to stay present.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center can show up as:


Despondency – “I was never good enough”, self-hate, self-blame, shock – traumatized from experiences, resentfulness, revenge for self, sadness, grief – feeling my life is over, feeling you have been left in the past, “Leave me alone!”, weakness, loss of confidence, lack of presence, terror, dizziness, nausea, feeling despised or despising self, judgement from others or judging self.

This MP3 is to assist you to feel your love for You!

There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

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