Gary Dayton – The Wyckoff Up Thrust


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Gary Dayton – The Wyckoff Up Thrust

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The Wyckoff UpThrust is a choice, high quality trade setup used by many savvy traders to short the market. It can be applied to all markets in all time frames. Dr. Gary Dayton, a Wyckoff expert, will be teaching all of the ins and outs of this high odds trade setup in a 90-minute webinar.Here are some of the details you will learn about this favorite trade to the short side:• What it looks like conceptually

Get immediately download Dr. Gary Dayton – Wyckoff Upthrust

• The specific, key elements of the UpThrust

• Common UpThrusts, Hidden UpThrusts, and UpThrusts After Distribution

• Ways to enter the UpThrust

• What key features of the market background and structure to look for

• Times when the UpThrust is most likely to fail and how to identify them

• Specific trade setup criteria for the UpThrust

• Reading the individual bars at the UpThrust to detect buying and selling

• How to use multiple time frames to increase the odds of the UpThrust

• Loads of examples of UpThrusts

And more ….

Length: 160 Minutes

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