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“How I Took A Ton Of Newbie Forex Traders, Trained Them From The Ground Up… And Quickly Converted Them Into High Income EarnersIn Breakneck Speed!

And, How I Can Do The Same For YOU… Practically Over Night!”



Who else wants to learn the Secrets that maybe 5% of all Forex Traders in the world know?



   Dear Trader, et me get right down to it because I’m busy, you’re busy and it’s time to make some money!  As I’m sure you know, Forex Trading is quite lucrative – if you know what you are doing…

If you have the right information, training, insight, strategies, tactics, and “know how” you can easily make $500-$1,000 per day!  You know that.  I know that.

However, there is a ton of misinformation out there.  There is a ton of garbage that is a complete waste of time and money.  It’s true.  I know.  I’m the one who buys everything possible on Forex Trading.

Believe me, I’ve been there and completely done that.  Well, you are about to see something very different.  My program is unique, straight to the punch and the best of the best.  In fact, it is an absolute MUST, for anyone who is a “Trader”.  No doubt.

However, these videos and this program I have for you is second to None!  These program cuts to the chase and provides you with exactly what you need to bust through and make a killing!

   How Does Up To $1,000 In About 3 Hours Sound?

   Well, that’s what we have here.  This is an intensive program strategically designed with you in mind.  It takes you from A to Z and shows you the ropes.  This program provides you with detailed insight that 95% of the traders in the world, will never know.

   How powerful is that?

   This program is fast.  It teaches you quick.  Using videos, you’ll be up and profiting in no time flat.  That’s the key.  You see, it’s one thing to get a ton of written information you have to sift through and figure out things, and it’s quite another to actually watch and learn!

   You Get To Watch Real Trades

Being Made Through Videos!

   These videos provide you with real life trades being made right before your very eyes.  This is powerful as it leads you on successful techniques.  I’m deadly serious when I tell you that these videos are an absolute must for anyone who is into Forex Trading!

  It’s an absolute MUST!

In The First 10 minutes, I learned enough to make this investment worth it!

“I just wanted to send you an email that this program is fantastic.  I have been watching the videos non-stop and learning much.  I found enough within the first 10 minutes of watching the videos to make the investment worth it.  I will recommend your program & videos to my Forex friends.  Thanks Again!”

Dean Newton
London, UK

   Simply grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and let these videos make you an expert!  In the first 2 minutes, you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about – as these videos will blow you away!

   If making $500, $700 or even $1,000 in three hours does not get you excited and pop you out of your chair, then we need to check your pulse.  This program is that good!

   Proven Strategies Revealed On Videos!

   What better way to get the inside information, than to see it, watch it, hear it and learn it… from the best?  Use the “copy me” approach and cash in!  Model what we do and put your income on steroids!

   You’ll go live using a leveraged margin broker account.  You’ll see how to set that up compatible with your charging package – To Maximize the effectiveness of your Trading!

   You are going to see how to access and take advantage of ZERO-COST Super-Standard Charting Packages that come jam-packed with all the features of trading platforms.  These platforms sometimes cost $250 or even much more every single month!

   This is just not the case with this intensive program!  What we have for you is at Zero Cost!  And, get this… our partnership with a leading broker, who is compatible with the charging package is included as well.

   See what I mean?  If that was not enough… It gets even better!

   You are going to gain the necessary “Know How”, “Insight” and “Knowledge” it takes to increase your performance, trade more efficiently, earn more margins and just flat-out make a ton of money!

   You Will Receive Announcements

Loaded With “Market-Moving” Potential!

   These announcements, along with their definitions are Daily and also at ZERO Cost!  This insight on it’s own is worth the price of admission to our program!  This insight alone can rocket-launch you into the top percentage of Forex Traders alive!

   How’s that for added value?

   We are going to teach you the importance of using a demo account.  We will teach you how to set that up properly as well.  Plus, we are going to show you when to take it live with a “real-world” money account and so much more!

The Forex Trading Market

Provides An Opportunity For Wealth & Freedom

  Most of the traders we work with often express that the money is great.  However, the most common statements we hear are about freedom.  Done properly, Forex Trading can provide the kind of freedom many strive for.

This Is The Best Of The Best!

“Where have you guys been all my life?  Seriously!  This is magnificent.  I’m pumped.  I have finished all the videos and I’m just floored!  You guys should be charging wayyyy more.  I mean that.”

Mark Williams
Orlando, FL

With this program you will learn unique, proven and innovative ways to tap into the power of Forex Trading.  You’ll go from “demo money” to “real money” in no time.

   Winning traders do not attempt to out-maneuver anyone or think up some new strategy.  Winning traders do not work all night watching trends and analyzing charts either.

   Winning traders know how to do this right, and that’s what we have engineered for you… How to do it right!

  We have spoken with many traders who are frustrated, disorganized and searching for answers.  In just a few minutes on the videos, light bulbs go off and an entire new perspective opens up for them.

   Let’s get down to the “nuts and bolts” of this program…



Systems Launch – Video 1 Video 1This video will provide you with the details of exactly what the Forex Market is all about.  It will show you how it is traded upon and the key differences between bank trading and retail trading.It also shows you the major differences between Forex and The Stock Market.



Leveraging A Margin Broker – Video 2 Video 2This video will teach you the power of leverage!  It really gets into the valuable technique of using a margin broker.Use this margin broker to control giant sums of money with only a small deposit.  This will make your profits 100x greater than without this incredible feature.



Forex Terms & Jargon –Video 3 Video 3This video picks you up and teaches you everything you need to know about the terms, jargon and language of Forex Trading.You’ll quickly understand the terms Fast!



Be In The Top 5% – Video 4 Video 4This video teaches you how to be out of the trades that 95% of Forex Traders know nothing about!This will set you apart.  It is the difference between the winners and losers in Forex Trading.




Time Zone Trading –Video 5 Video 5This video teaches the importance of the time zones.  It shows when and how to trade.  How to set up a world clock for easy reference and how to take advantage of simple, yet proven methods for making serious money!



Premium Charting Package Setup – Video 6 & 7 Video 6 And Video 7 Video 6 & 7 will set you up with a complete and fully functional charting package.  It is of premium quality and is second to none.It comes with all the features of the most expensive products on the market.  A real steal.

You will be set up with the recommended broker, and your demo account so that you can begin practicing our strategies right away.

You will be introduced to some of the features relating to the rest of the course!



How To Set Up Your Charts –Video 8 & 9 Video 8 And Video 9 Videos 8 and 9 take you step-by-step on how to set up your charts for our highly profitable strategies.You will gain the necessary insight or knowledge to get the signal generators on to your charts in a matter of minutes.



Review Segment –
Part 10
Part 10Here you will review the strategies in text layout.  Here you will read just to make sure you fully digested and soaked up all the knowledge.This is where you ramp up what you are doing to make sure you’ve got it down and are making good trades consistently.

Also, it goes through a review of video 8 to see if you can identify anything new this time around.  It’s quite effective and very mind opening!



Live Trade – Video 11 Video 11In this video you watch as we do a completely “Live” trade using the specific system you’ve learned!This is powerful as it reconfirms the effectiveness of these strategies!  Watch us take a profit “Live”



Trade Completion –Video 12 Video 12In video 12, you’ll see the completion of the trade from the previous video, which ended up going a complete 50 points within the boundaries of the strategy.$500 in just 2 hours of time!  This is what can be a regular basis and expected.



Final Review –Video 13 Video 13This is a final review.  It makes sure everything is down tight.  It summarizes the entire program and goes over the crucial points for keeping trades tight.It reconfirms how to do things right and at the right time.



Bonus  Video Video 14 BonusThis is a bonus video that teaches you how to stream news television straight to your computer.You’ll be just like all the banks and trading houses across the world.



As You Can See, This Program Is Quite Extensive And Jam-Packed

With Real Life “LIVE” Demonstrations, Strategies And Insight!

   Once you have finished with these videos, you will be a practical expert in

One Word, “WOW!”

“Nice program.  I’ve learned so much so quickly I can hardly sleep.  Your system and strategies are the best.  I can not wait to put all this into action and see what kind of damage I can do with my trades.  Thanks so much, I’d recommend this program to anyone with half a brain and a desire to make a lot of money fast!

Greg Butler
Wellington, New Zealand

 the Forex Market.  You’ll be able to turn trades and pop out profit left and right!

   Making Big Money with Forex Trading is explained in detail.  There is no other place that offers so much, for such a low investment.

   In no time, you will have transformed your computer into a money making, trade generating, profit pulling machine!

   One thing videos do is teach you fast.  We all learn better from watching than studying or reading forever.

   Most people retain more information and learn quicker since we are all pretty visual in nature.  With understanding our techniques and strategies, it’s much better to watch and learn than study.

   Here is a quick screen shot of what we will be teaching you:

   As you can see, this video screen capture shows it is played in Real Player and we take you on live trading sessions.  This type of show and tell ispriceless!

   Along with the videos, we will provide you with the Indicator Files and a Trading Template!!

   You will receive Custom Made INDICATORS designed by Forex Experts and coded by the TOP Charting programmers!

   This will allow you to have a clear and Simple System for reading the charts and entering and exiting trades with Precision!

   This package not only includes the strategy and system, but you get FULL SETUP INSTRUCTIONS!

   You are literally taken by the hand towards having a “Pro-Trader” setup that will put you a cut above 85% of the rest of Forex Start-ups!



Included In This Program Is An Advanced Fibonacci Training Course!

The Value Of This Course Is

Outstandingly HIGH… As Anywhere Else You Would Be Forking Out A Pretty Large Amount Of Cash For Such A Costly Course!

“You Will Be Amazed At How Accurate Our System is For Predicting 20 PIP Price Movements That Could Generate $200 Or More In Just A Couple Hours Per Day!”


Most Traders Do Not Have Any Idea What They Are Doing When It Comes To Fibonacci…

Yes, Fibonacci is a popular trading system.  However, most DO IT WRONG and have zero clue as to proper implementation.

You will learn how to gauge how specific levels work out from the Fibonacci Sequence that give you an idea of possible areas of support and resistance within the price movement.

This course is loaded.  For a similar offline course or workshop, you may be forking over around $5,000 for this level of advanced training.  Not here though!

You will be amazed when you see how accurate this is for predicting 20 point+ price movements of $200 and higher!

You will not even have to pay monthly charting fees, up-to-date news diaries or even daily recommendations…  You will receive a ton of value from this 1 hour and a half Forex Fibonacci Advanced Training.

Advanced Fibonacci Training Overview:


  • Introduction to Fibonacci Advanced Training and Fundamental Analysis of the Support and Resistance Principle applied to short and medium term price actions!
  • Setting up your charts for a technical system that allows you to locate 20+ point-gaps in the price action!
  • How to use the Fibonacci System to make you $200 to $400 per day with only one or two trades.
  • How to utilize off chart indicators to clarify your entry and how to use them correctly.
  • Instigation for the days action.  Critical support and resistance levels predicted from bank analysts (no cost).
  • How to keep you away from trades at specific times
  • 8 Videos (.WMV) for quick viewing where you can take notes and learn fast.


As you can see, this Advanced course on Fibonacci Training is for the type of Forex Trader who is looking to execute trades using solid fundamental and technical decisions consistently and effectively.

You will be up and active with a Fibonacci System and substantial insight on “chart and off chart” indicators.  This will help keep you out of bad trades daily.  Plus, it will get you into the good ones.

This Advanced Fibonacci Training Course Is Included With This Entire Program… Creating The Very Best Forex Training Product Around!

You Get Both Courses!


100% Guaranteed!

If this program is not everything I say it is, and then some… I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked whatsoever. 

You get 8 weeks to see that this program is the best of the best!  That is 8 weeks to test drive this program and if you are not fully satisfied, I’ll quickly refund you your money.  No worries.


Limited And Fully Time Sensitive Notice:


This program is limited for the next few days.  As we revamp our web site, you get to take full advantage of our 60% off discount.  This is an Incredible opportunity for you to grab our program for a fraction of the normal cost!  Keep in mind, that this is only for a short time and the price will go back up to normal without any notice whatsoever.

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