Evan Carmichael – YouTube Boot Camp 2020


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Evan Carmichael – YouTube Boot Camp 2020

Price: $997
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 Stars (112 Reviews) One Of The Highest Rated YouTube Programs


 YGB Lifetime Access                                                             Priceless..
 Grow Your Business On YouTube                                    ($997 Value)
 The Best Videos To Create                                               ($997 Value)
 A Content Calendar That Crushes                                   ($997 Value)
 The Metrics That Mathers                                                 ($997 Value)
 How To Create Winning Content                                      ($997 Value)
 Community-Creating Raving Fans                                  ($997 Value)
 Attention Hacks & Optimization                                      ($997 Value)
 Monthly Group Coaching Calls                                       ($1997 Value)
 BONUS 1: TLA LIVE EVENT Recordings                                          ($1997 Value)
 BONUS 2: Channel Breakdowns                                                     ($1997 Value)
 BONUS 3: Social Domination                                                            ($997 Value)
 BONUS 4: Private Community Access                                            ($997 Value)
 BONUS 5: Evan’s Ongoing Split Tests                                            ($997 Value)
 BONUS 6: The Trends Idea Generator                                             ($497 Value)
 BONUS 7: The Bridge Audience                                                       ($997 Value)
 BONUS 8: Google Money Machine                                                ($697 Value)
 BONUS 9: The Saturation Secret                                                   ($497 Value)
TOTAL VALUE: $21,661
PRICE: $1500.00

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 Stars (112 Reviews) One Of The Highest Rated YouTube Programs


  • Does this work if I have 0 subscribers?

Yes, but it will walk you thru advanced strategies as well. The program is not setup to teach you how to setup a basic banner art, but it’s focused on helping you getting hyper growth in views, watch time & subscribers. Plus, we have our community and monthly live coaching calls to help you identify the best way to start, grow & monetize your YouTube channel. As a matter of fact, one of our most recent members went from 0 to 500 subscribers in just a few weeks and growing.

  • Will this work if I already have 10-100k+ subs? 

Yes, this is perfect if you have a growing channel as well. Congratulations for all the hard work so far; you are at 10% of the 1M Sub plaque. With the strategies from YGB, you can get there faster.

  • Does this program show me how to make money?

Yes YouTube Growth Bootcamp covers dozens of ways for you to make money with your YouTube channel or business model you have or want to build. There are so many ways to make money with your YouTube channel, and I cover all of them, and support you in making it successful.

  • How long do I get access to the programs for? 
You get lifetime access, as long as your total payments have been completed based on the payment option you choose. Lifetime access means there’s no annual renewals, you stay in our community and receive all the coaching and support for life.
  • How long until I see results from YouTube Growth Bootcamp? 
It all depends on your current situation, your ability to execute and take focussed action, and many other variables. What I can tell you is that we have had people make millions of dollars their first year and they started with nothing. We have also had people make their first $100,000 in 1 to 6 months. However, the most common results for people who are JUST starting out for the first time with little to no experience, money, or connections…they tend to recoup their investment within 45 to 90 days as long as they take massive action and get Mark’s support on the weekly coaching calls.
  • Will this work for me if I have a local business?
Yes, the entire course is a perfect fit for you if you need more traffic, leads & customers. In the first part of the course you will get your message dialed in and in the next modules and lessons you will learn how to get
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