The Essential Wyckoff Playbook


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The Essential Wyckoff Playbook

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The Essential Wyckoff Playbook

Simplify Your Trading & Maximize Your Profits

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The-Essential-Wyckoff-PlaybookHave you ever wished you could make your trading simple? Less complex? Less involved? And still be successful, even more successful without the complexity?

Some traders believe that to be successful, their trading playbook—the trade setups they look for—must be extensive with numerous trade setups. Well, that isn’t always true. In fact, many successful traders focus on only a few trade setups. They select trades that occur frequently and have high odds of winning with profit potential.

Wouldn’t you like to have this kind of trading playbook?

Well, now you can.

In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Gary will teach you the Essential Wyckoff Playbook of trade setups many top traders trade.  He will show you all the details of the setups, what specifically to look for, the things that occur when they set up, the things that occur before they set up that increase the odds of successful outcomes, how frequently they occur, and more.

Dr. Gary will introduce the major Wyckoff Market Principles for you to learn and use in identifying, qualifying, and making these great Wyckoff playbook trades, including:

  • Supply & Demand
  • Effort v Result
  • Accumulation
  • Distribution
  • Trend Characteristics
  • The “Line of Least Resistance”
  • Climatic Action
  • Stopping Volume
  • Tests
  • Shortening of the Thrust
  • No Demand
  • Market Structure
  • Proper Use of Trend Lines
  • And More

The Playbook Dr. Gary will teach in this webinar includes four essential Wyckoff trade setups. Although there are many trade setups in the Wyckoff Method, these four trade set ups:

  • Occurs frequently
  • Are straightforward without a lot of complicated elements
  • Are easy to identify
  • Are simple to execute
  • Have straightforward profit targets
  • Produce good profits

You will learn these setups as well as the most important success factors including:

  • When to enter
  • How to enter
  • Setting stops
  • Identifying profit targets

Trading is a difficult business and it takes time to learn and develop your skills. Often, traders go through different methods, indicators, trade setups and the like, looking for a simple, effective way to trade. The Essential Wyckoff Playbook addresses these concerns. The search for the ‘Holy Grail’ can be put to bed once you understand the Essential Wyckoff Playbook and how to use it. Simple and straightforward trading with effective, sound trade setups.

The point is, you will be shown how to separate the wheat from the chaff. By getting down to essentials, you can be more focused, more alert to the high quality, choice trades, and not have your mind cluttered with all kinds of extraneous ideas and notions. We’ll empty your house of its junk, so to speak so that your trading can be precisely aimed at choice targets.

Dr. Gary will illustrate how the Playbook can be traded by walking through recent trading days of three popular markets: the S&P e-minis (ES), Crude Oil (CL) and Gold (GC). We will show you that by following two or three markets, that the Essential Wyckoff Playbook trades set up frequently in each of these markets often giving traders two or more opportunities each day to execute and enjoy the profits from these trades.

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