Escape Artist – Offshore Escape Seminar 2020


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Escape Artist – Offshore Escape Seminar 2020

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27 Offshore Experts reveal how ANYONE can move overseas, legally slash their tax bill, build generational wealth, get a second passport AND regain true freedom by going offshore in 2020 and beyond!
Why is this Summit so important now?
The COVID-19 crisis exposes the need for a backup plan—for your investments, your residency, your business structures, your banking and your life. When disaster strikes, you need to be ready to take care of yourself and your family. Relying on government is not viable—actually, it’s irresponsible.
At Offshore Escape 2020, there is a strong message of freedom, liberty, self-reliance, and taking charge of your own financial future. We believe in this message so much that we have made every presentation free to attend live. Our goal is to help educate and inspire thousands of people to succeed with proven offshore strategies.
Topics Covered At This Year’s Summit

How to invest in gold and other precious metals offshore without having to report them to the government, 100% legally
Why removing your wealth from the financial sector might just be the smartest thing you have ever done
The role of bitcoin and foreign currencies in your portfolio and how to be your own bank where you have the power
How to build generational wealth with alternative assets like international timber, agriculture and other non-traditional investments
How to protect your private data offshore (and why it’s so important)
International structures like IBC’s, Trusts and Foundations and their role in securing what’s yours from litigation & government seizures
How to protect your wealth and income from global crises like the COVID-19 plandemic (and other crises that are sure to come)
What freedom-loving individuals have in common, and why they seek to emancipate themselves from the growing police state
How to defend yourself from Big-Brother and illegal surveillance…
Why you need to invest in international real estate and how to do it for profit and fun
Underrated markets and hidden gems that everyone around you will miss out on…
Specific strategies for investing in real estate in Latin America like Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Colombia, Belize and more!
The traps that first-time investors fall into and how to protect your downside…
The easiest way to get a European passport
The differences between citizenship and residency and what is right for you
How to obtain permanent residency on the cheap (and why you should!)
Mapping out your path to a plan-b safe haven – why it’s important, where to go and how to get started today
What ‘PORTABLE INCOME’ is, and why you need it to unlock the expat and offshore lifestyle
What visas where; digital nomad, expat offshore entrepreneur, retired, tourist, what is important to you!
How to lead a global lifestyle (fast!)
How to be a perpetual nomad to maximize freedom and minimize taxes, paperwork, and risk
How to quickly learn local languages so you can enjoy your new offshore country even more
Why sovereignty and liberty should be your goal, and how to be forever free..
And Much More

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