Erik Paulson – Neckbreaker


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Erik Paulson – Neckbreaker

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Erik Paulson’s encyclopedia of finishes using the feared neck crank submission from a variety of entries and set-ups.

In this deluxe 2-DVD set, Shooto champion and legendary MMA trainer Erik Paulson focuses upon one of the most devastating submissions known to man; Neck Cranks.

Erik displays a dizzying array of cranks, face locks, chokes, neck crank set-ups, and submissions that can be set-up by neck cranks (e.g., arm bars) from the ground and standing. He included variations for competition but for the street as well.

As Erik says, “these techniques aren’t nice” and are designed to make even the toughest opponents concede.

Bonus material includes in-depth stretching and a large portion of Erik’s personal “Ultimate Killer Neck Routine”. Also, see Erik neck crank his way through five live opponents back-to-back during an actual training session at CSW headquarters in Fullerton, California!

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