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Emily Hine – At Peace With Yourself

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Do you want to experience more ease, balance and centeredness amidst all of the daily stimulation and life’s inevitable ups and downs?

Are you ready to discover practices that help you to stop the reactivity and downward spirals that worsen personal crises, relationship conflicts and painful patterns?

What if you could respond from a position of presence, power and peace AND have a gifted guide who has found sustainable ways to more consistently find peace internally and who has made it her mission to help you do the same?


We all have a quiet little secret: often, we’re just barely hanging on.

Barely hanging on to our sanity, barely hanging on to our cool, and barely hanging on to our well-being. We’re just trying to get to the end of the day (or our to-do list).

That’s because while modern life has gotten infinitely richer, new stressors tax us in ways that our ancestors never experienced. We’re peppered by 24/7 communication, tethered to ever-larger cycles of debt, burdened with excessive stuff, and live in a go-go culture of ever-escalating expectations.

We often work longer and harder with less security.

It can be hard to find real inner peace in the midst of all these competing forces.

That’s when we all need simple, powerful practices, especially ones harvested from the world’s wisdom traditions and validated by modern science that we can do throughout our day.

We need time-tested ways to shift our consciousness right now towards inner peace when the rapids of life get out of control.

A Guide Who Has Been There

Who better to guide us in the path than someone who has faced all these modern stressors and come out thriving?

Not so long ago, inner peace and compassion teacher Emily Hine was spiritually on purpose. Following the tragedy of 911, she took a leap of faith to leave her corporate job at Microsoft and focus her life’s work on increasing peace and compassion in the world.


Shortly thereafter, Emily was serendipitously invited to join a group that was hosting the Dalai Lama for a 5-day, massive compassion event with 150,000 people where she interviewed him on stage.

Next, she took a position as the Chief of Peace at The Shift Network. She was living her purpose… but all of that was about to change!

After earning a spot at the global table working for peace and compassion, Emily’s own inner peace was rocked with a cancer diagnosis that caused her to unearth all of the areas of her life where she was NOT at peace.

She was forced to face and heal, not only the cancer, but her workaholism, unresolved sexual traumas, and debilitating depression.

With a lot of soul searching, Emily’s journey inward and upward helped her heal from cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. She slowed down her work pace and courageously faced the deep-seated emotional wounds that caused her depression. And through it all, she strengthened her connection to Source in such a way that she is unshakeable on her path to helping others heal and find their inner peace and compassion.

She discovered what had long been missing.

And now she’s sharing her life-lessons to help you on your own path to peace and joy.

Accessing Your Inner Peace

In the At Peace With Yourself five-week training, Emily will share the pillars to healing physically and emotionally.

You’ll discover simple, no-nonsense practices to more easily and consistently navigate the painful moments in your life and access a sense of inner peace and joy, regardless of outside circumstances.

You’ll learn practices that will help you become more mindful — of every aspect of your life — starting with becoming conscious of what you’ve been unconscious about.

And, you’ll access simple ways to sustain your mindfulness and redirect yourself back to this state of greater awareness when life circumstances cause you to stray.

You’ll also discover the power of your heart to help you heal past wounds and create healthy, compassionate responses to the inevitable interpersonal conflicts that arise in your life — including sure-fire tools for identifying your hidden emotions so you won’t be hijacked by them and can be more empowered to make better choices for yourself.

Emily’s approach to emotional balancing will also help you discover how to manage your own energy and filter out harmful external energies — from other people, places and events — which can impact your wellbeing and inner peace.

The practices Emily will share with you during this powerful new training will not only help you get through trying times but can greatly enhance the quality of your life

Facing life-shattering challenges — the loss of a loved one, relationship, career, home or health — we can experience stress and grief that feels unbearable.

Yet, by discovering how to consistently cultivate inner peace and readily tap into this calming and cleansing reservoir, you create a place of refuge and rejuvenation that you can continually return to when you need it…

In doing this, you are drawing from your own innate capacity for compassion, which, as Emily learned in her own journey, is your true sustainable source of happiness.

And, as you discover how to tap into inner peace and inner guidance more frequently, you’ll become more aware of your habits that may be blocking you from cultivating and maintaining your inner peace equilibrium. You’ll also become more aware of the external obstacles to your inner peace — those you’ve chosen (including your thoughts, food, media and people) and those in your environment.

When you can see these blocks, you can embark on the journey of creating new habits and consciously choosing the things and people in your life that allow you to deepen your experience of peace — that place inside that feels like “home” and allows for the full expression of who you really are.

And, if anyone’s told you that working on your own inner peace is selfish, it’s anything but! It’s actually the most selfless thing you can do, because when you create your own “peace zone,” you also become a better conveyor of peace — in your relationships, community, workplace and the world.

Here’s more of what you’ll discover on your journey with Emily:

  • What mindfulness is — the science and practices — and how to use it to experience “being at peace with yourself”
  • How to connect to your own internal GPS and follow your inner guidance
  • How to reduce suffering and increase joy — in your life and the world
  • How to take life-altering experiences and turn them into radical opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Why connecting to source is a critical element to experiencing more peace within yourself and your life
  • How to connect to your heart and have compassion — even for people you disagree with
  • Ways to courageously face and embrace your emotions so they lose their grip on you
  • How to increase your service in the world
  • Emily’s healing journey from cancer and how the body is your greatest diagnostic tool and healing guide

The Power of an Authentic, Compassionate Teacher

Emily wholeheartedly brings the insights gained on her own heroine’s journey (a self-guided approach to healing stage II cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation) to her mindfulness, peace and compassion teachings.


What Emily offers is real — she’s lived it. No secondhand knowledge here. At a crucial time in her life, turning inward (and upward!) was her only hope…

And she’ll share her hard-earned wisdom, and support you to tap into more inner peace — even during a time in your life when that may seem impossible.

Emily’s training and background in the global peace and compassion arena include her work with Seeds of Compassion, a global event with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Compassion Teacher Training at Stanford, and as a faculty and facilitator with The Shift Network Peace Education Programs.

This important work has provided her with well-schooled insights into the cultivation of peace and compassion on a global scale, yet, her own life journey gave her the opportunity to focus much more deeply on where peace originates — within one’s own heart.

In the At Peace With Yourself training, Emily will use humor, authenticity and her admirable boots-on-the-ground approach to help you discover how to address the painful stories and difficult experiences in your life.

Advanced seekers will benefit from her paradigm shifts that will inspire you to strengthen and broaden your practice for the benefit of all beings. Beginners will find Emily’s no-nonsense approach easy to follow. And all levels will find her practices heart-opening, consciousness-expanding and, most likely, downright indispensable.

As you know, the school of life presents you with ample opportunities to test your ability to maintain your inner peace, so having Emily’s proven approaches — which can draw you quickly into your own personal “peace zone” — are of great value no matter your level of spiritual mastery.

These unique-to-you approaches will be your go-to practices to support you in anchoring new habits and thought processes to cultivate more inner peace, compassion and self-empowerment.

This is a course in which you’ll feel as though finally someone is going to sit down with me and really help me anchor and embody this!

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