Elma Mayer – The Seven Transformations


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Elma Mayer – The Seven Transformations

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The Seven Transformations – (Hard Copy + Digital)

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The Seven Transformations
CDs & Book, or MP3s & PDF

Space, Time, and the Elements

Align your Whole Life – Not just the “Problem” Areas!

(Free Sample! Scroll Down) To activate The Seven Transformations, you “apply” them to whatever you want to improve. Then everything Aligns… the Feng Shui of your home, your daily patterns, your body, thoughts, emotions, relationships, finances, etc. It’s like running a program to upgrade your Whole Life – not just one part of your life.

It’s all inter-related! Applying a Transformation in one area affects all other areas. The old-paradigm way treats each pain, pattern or “problem” separately. But things are not separate! Clearing all the hidden entanglements is much more effective – and much faster.

Shifts happen at the speed of light – because we work with Morphic Fields, Energy and Information, not Matter or Mind! No need to analyze the “problem” or pinpoint the “root cause.” Just apply The Seven Transformations!

What are The Seven Transformations? And what do they transform?

Transformation Some Examples of its Effects
1. Time Aging, Stress, Procrastination, Daily Habits, Always Late, Always in a Hurry, Cycles (Hormones, Circulation, Sleep, Seasonal), Work & Wages, Income, Time & Money
2. Space Instant Feng Shui, Negative Energy and Space Clearing, Energetic Clutter Clearing, How to “Read” the Energy of a Space. Also – Create the Qualities you want – in your Home, Bedroom, Office etc (like Peace, Family Harmony, Community, Inspiration, Productivity, etc…).
3. Yin-Yang Balance Sleep/Wake; Work/Life;  Male/Female; Earning/Spending; Logic/Intuition; Giving/Receiving; Alkaline/Acid, Breathing In/Out, What you want vs. what you don’t want, etc. How Feng Shui and Yin Yang are related.
4. Air Oxygenation, Breathing Issues (Asthma, Cough..), Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lighten up Emotions, Inspiration, Clarity, Spirituality.
5. Water Hydration, Elimination, Stagnation, Emotional Flow, High Blood Pressure, Edema, Kidneys, Dry Skin/Eyes, Drained Energy, Plumbing Issues in your Home, Financial Stagnation, Relationships that Drain you, Water Traumas (drowning etc…)
6. Fire Inflammation, Metabolism, Digestion, Headaches, Heartburn, Rash, Body Temperature, Energy Levels, Vision and Light, Over-spending, Under-earning, Addictions (smoking, sugar, alcohol), Cool down Arguments, Excessive Spending, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, Solar Flare Sensitivity, and… Activate your Star Power!
7. Earth Grounding, Gravity, Presence, Heaviness of Body, Heavy Emotions, Possessions, Earth Cycles, Connecting with Nature…  (Note: we work with several “Element” systems, including the Chinese Five Elements, Ayurvedic Elements, and yes, even the Periodic Table.)
Shift YOUR Specific Issues – Instantly. … Best of all, you get powerful transformation for 
Your Individual healing intentions and goals.  In each audio, you will transform one issue of your choice. And of course, you can run The Seven Transformations on an unlimited number of your issues – each time you listen, you will get different shifts.


Free Sample of Transformation #3: Yin-Yang Balancing! Get an Instant Shift now!


  • I experienced constant, powerful, strong shifts physically. I didn’t really come into it with an intention to shift–I thought, well, wholeness around time would be nice. At the end, I was amazed: there was so much difference in so many things related to time, things that are kind of co-related with time that didn’t seem to be related to time to begin with, like finances and mood, body issues, everyday issues, time issues on an hourly basis or cyclical or daily basis, time in general, time travel (That is so awesome!), How to use time, flow with time, control time, access time(s), Be, so many great things! What a great, amazing use of just one hour of time!
Also, it’s really great to feel your presence, as you transcend space and time!” – Peter Havens on Transcend Time
  • “It was very effective. My husband and I have been fighting in our bedroom for years. The residual energy was very thick and suffocating. During this clearing I focused on removing those energies and to put in their place a healing energy for both emotional and physical. Almost instantly my pain began to subside and my physical allignment of body began to correct itself. You have given me an invaluable powerful tool that I will forever be grateful for.” – Jamie C. on Upgrade your Space
  • “It’s yet another Master Class in re-organizing the Cosmos with Now Healing in an instant led by a Maestro! Amazing changes & amazing teachings–thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Rudy Hunter on Upgrade your Space
  • Wow! I keep improving. My breathing is back to normal now.”  – Angie on Yin-Yang Balancing
  • “Yin-Yang Balancing was great. I had a headache that shifted, within 5 min i was headache free”. – mt111
  • It sure works very strongIy on my energy field! I felt instant shifts. Actually it felt like everything changed.”  – Irma on Align with Air
  • “The number of shifts that happen in each hour!!! in old methods this hour would’ve taken a lifetime to acquire all that we gain!” – Peter on Balance your Water
  • “That was profound. Instant shift!” – Susan on Balance your Water

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