Easyflexibility – Hamstrings Advanced Program


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Easyflexibility – Hamstrings Advanced Program
Price: $39.95

The Advanced Hamstrings routine is for those of you who are familiar with the Zaichik Stretching techniques and can comfortably implement the routine. It takes things up a notch by introducing muscle contraction in addition to muscle action for an even more intense workout.


As usual our goal is to help you attain greater flexibility – the base of every position, move or technique you will ever have to try. It’s a common mistake to stop pursuing this once you get comfortable enough with your body, but ‘use it or lose it’ is a saying that fully applies for this skill!

Our Advanced Hamstrings program helps you develop full control and strength of the hip. And this will aid you in performing a number of positions necessary in most sports or dancing routines. This is the surest way to nail it the next time you’re put in the spotlight!

For best results we strongly urge you to first work on the Intermediate Hamstrings program as you don’t want to push yourself right away. After all, you’re not going to jump in the deep before you can at least swim in shallow waters, right? So be smart about it and don’t push your body to extremes or you can really hurt yourself. We’ve designed a structured and naturally progressing Kinesiological program that will guide you through increasingly more difficult routines in a safe and effective way – follow it through.

But if you’re sure you can handle it – Get Your Advanced Hamstrings Program Today – and let’s get going!

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