Don Fishback – Options Wizardry from A to Z (Video 2.80 GB)


Don Fishback – Options Wizardry from A to Z (Video 2.80 GB)

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Don Fishback – Options Wizardry from A to Z (Video 2.80 GB)

Don Fishback – Options Wizardry from A to Z (Video 2.80 GB)

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Learn all the basics of ODDS and the different strategies to apply. So you can find 90% winners in upmoves, downmoves, and do-nothing markets. You’ll also learn techniques to minimize any chance of a loss. Plus you’ll learn how to profit even more when other traders panic.


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Trustworthy, predictable and darn near obscene profits can fall into your lap. But you have to rid yourself of all your preconceived notions of making money and start applying Don Fishback’s scientific approach.


This method allows folks just like you to achieve overwhelming success in one of the world’s most misunderstood businesses. You see, when done wrong – the way 99% of all newcomers do it – it appears confusing and unprofitable.

Yet when done right, it can be a low-risk, automatic income generator. You’ve probably heard of and maybe invested in mutual funds or the stock market. But did you know there’s a much more predictable and more profitable way to build your money?

What we do is trade options – but not the way most people do it. When done right, you should be able to win nearly every trade Don Fishback can teach you quickly and easily.

And every week, he’ll hand you a perfect trade on a silver platter!


Everything you need in order to use this secret is revealed in Don Fishback’s amazing course, “ODDS Options Wizardry – From A To Z.”

Even if you’ve never traded – or even heard of options trading – this revolutionary course will show you step-by- step everything you need to achieve enormous success, confidence and profits. Guaranteed or you can keep it absolutely FREE.


The answer is one simple word – ignorance. Most investors don’t know anything about options, so they stay away. Those that do venture in tend to just go by “gut feel.” They think they know whether the market’s going up or down, and they’ll blindly buy an option hoping for “the big killing.”

Yet, the Nobel Prize-winning formula called the Black-Scholes model gives us a way to find the actual true probability of success of any options strategy. Even today, nearly all investors — and you’re probably one of them — don’t bother trying to interpret this equation. They’ll buy or sell an option, without the crucial knowledge that every professional trader uses. Not one investor in a thousand knows their true chances of winning. When they buy an option, they are usually just throwing their money out the window.


ODDS is Don Fishback’s scientific, automatic approach that literally lets you know in advance how much money you risk … how much you could make … and the odds (or probabilities) of this happening. (ODDS stands for Options and Derivative Decision Support.) It gives you the raw, hard facts and lets you automatically determine the probability of a market move. You can easily select only those trades that give you 90% or better odds of selecting winners. In essence, you will profit from the hopes of less informed investors hoping to make a killing (and effectively handing their money to you).

You’ll learn all the basics of ODDS. You’ll also learn the different strategies to apply. So you can find 90% winners in upmoves, downmoves, and do-nothing markets. You’ll also learn techniques to minimize any chance of a loss. Plus you’ll learn how to profit even more when other traders panic. So you can consistently make good money. Of course, you’ll occasionally have a loss, but if done as instructed, it will be firmly in your control, not devastating.

“Easy as 1-2-3. Do the math. Determine the odds. And make your decision. Don’s approach removes all emotion. It’s simple, and you can make excellent returns on your money.” –Mike C., NY Retirement Planner


  • Easy-To-Learn Video Workshop, “ODDS Options Wizardry.” Just pop it in the DVD player, watch and learn! This is a step-by-step, professionally produced seven-hour instruction package that walks you through everything you need to know. You may want to review one or two sections to be sure it’s all crystal clear. This is your first key in becoming an Options Trading Wizard.
  • High Accuracy Options Trading, Don Fishback’s brand new manual which clearly reveals Don’s proven successful methods. With a year-by-year 9 to 1 win to loss record the profits grow dramatically. And these techniques have been tested out 95%+ accurate for over six years!
  • Your Quick-Start Guide To Options Success, an extra handbook which includes all the mechanics of trading. Learn exactly how to place orders, select a broker, what’s involved with opening accounts, etc. All the nitty-gritty details of getting started … with paper-trading or real trading.
  • Direct Access To A Don Fishback Technical Support Counselor.
    You’ll receive courteous and prompt answers to your option questions from an options expert for a full 30 days. You are talking to people that trade options themselves, not just an answering service. The best way to learn is to have a mentor guiding you step-by-step. If you have any questions about options, or applying the course to make money, we’re there … doing whatever it takes to make you a successful trader!

Announcing the All-New
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Profit Alert

If you’ve been scratching your head, wondering if you could follow all this yourself, let me put your mind at ease.

With the ODDS Options Wizardry Profit Alert you don’t have to… because Don will do all the work for you.

He’s doing all the analysis for himself anyway, so he’s decided to tell you exactly what to trade and show you why.

Every Friday, he’ll post the latest, up-to-the-minute analysis. You can read the short, specific and invaluable trade information right on page 1 … and know exactly what to do! Then, if you’d like you can flip through the full analysis.

If you’re like most folks, you’ll enjoy the time-saving convenience and the confidence of knowing your trade was hand-picked and carefully analyzed by the expert, Don Fishback.

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