Derrick Struggle – It’s Time To Change Your Life


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Derrick Struggle – It’s Time To Change Your Life

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Derrick Struggle - It’s Time To Change Your Life

How To Launch A Successful Online Business You Can Be Proud Of

Updated v3.0 (Summer 2019)

FBA Heroes makes ing an online business simple so you can focus on the absolute most important thing, and that’s living the life you truly want.

We not only help you to launch a successful business, but we guide you into becoming a thriving entrepreneur.

What is it?

FBA Heroes is a 4-week online course with detailed over-the-shoulder videos, in-depth worksheets, and an ambitious community of entrepreneurs. We show you how to leverage the power platforms of both Amazon and Shopify to build your online business. Yes, even if you don’t have any business experience.

Who is it for?

FBA Heroes is for anyone who is looking to their very own business from home and grow it to 6 or even 7 figures. We have worked with thousands of people from across the world, even those who have never ed an online business before.

Where does this take place?

Our entire course and platform is available to you online at anytime. You may access all the video content, worksheets, and community from your desktop, laptop, phone, or iPad, on your time.

How does it work?

All you have to do is complete the videos, take notes, take action, and get results. It’s that simple. Use the community group for support, questions, or to share your progress. You may also get one-on-one support from our The Heroes Support Team at anytime.

When does it ?

We the moment you enroll! No fluff, no delay. You can complete the course in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access to all the material and are grandfathered in for future updates.

Why do we exist?

FBA Heroes exists because we believe every person is capable of building a successful online business regardless of their business background. We want to showcase how simple ing and launching can be.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re building a business and wanting to change your life, everything must be perfect, and we take that very seriously. From the proven blueprint, to the community environment, and to the expert help. FBA Heroes provides just that.


Proven Process

With over 3500+ students worldwide, we have turned the guesswork of ing and growing a business into simple steps. Follow the over-the-shoulder instructions that are proven to work.


The Heroes Community

The people you surround yourself is so important to your success and we understand that. You will have access to The Heroes Community, filled with entrepreneurs, ambitious people, and go-getters. You may collaborate, get support, and make friends.


The Heroes Support Team

Supporting and helping you along your journey is the most important thing to us, period. Our Heroes Support Team is a dedicated team of experts who are on stand-by for any questions you may have.


Build A Brand That Lasts

We believe in not just teaching you how to build a business that makes money, but how to build a business that is sustainable for years. A business and brand you can be proud of.


Updated Summer 2019

Every year we update and further expand the course curriculum and information of FBA Heroes so you get the latest strategies and tactics to keep winning! This is now version 3.0, where we teach you more than just Amazon!

Here is what our students worldwide are saying:

Satisfaction is amazing, but you know what we love more than satisfied students? Students getting results and making money!

Here’s a quick summary of everything you get:

This is not your typical online course. We provide you with everything you need to not only succeed with you online business, but as an entrepreneur.


  • Access to step-by-step training videos and worksheets that is available to you from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like!
  • Interactive entrepreneur community both there to support, inspire, and help you grow!
  • Experts ready to help you whenever you need, with whatever you need! (The Heroes Support Team)
  • How to build a sustainable business a brand that stands the test of time.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Welcome To FBA Heroes 3.0

Introduction To FBA Heroes 3.0 (2:42)

How This All Works (6:02)

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Foundation (3.0)

Why Having A Growth Mindset Is Imperative (5:52)

The Reality of Being Ambitious (6:58)

True Clarity of Your Why (10:14)

The 4 Principles To Success In Life And Business (7:55)

Breaking The Barriers of Self-Doubt (12:39)

Planning and Optimizing Your Day To Win and Grow (16:34)

Seeing Your Dreams Everyday (10:53)

Eliminating Distractions and Feeding Your Focus (13:45)

Module 3 – Shopify Dropshipping, Marketing and Branding w/ Lawrence Lee (3.0)

Introduction to Shopify Dropshipping, Marketing and Branding (11:39)

How To Your Online Business (12:01)

How To Brand Your Business (11:11)

Shopify, The Best Platform For Your Business (12:24)

What Is Shopify Dropshipping (12:16)

How To Find A Profitable Winning Product For Shopify (15:42)

Successful Photo and Video Content (9:41)

One Product Shopify Store (Part 1) (30:58)

One Product Shopify Store (Part 2) (34:28)

How To Run Facebook and Instagram Ads to Shopify (29:25)

Continue Building Your Brand (4:32)

Launch Amazon Products on Shopify (11:06)

Heroes Knowledge Base (General FAQ)

Heroes Knowledge Base (General FAQ)

FBA Heroes Resources + Heroes Live Stream Replays

Module 4 – Leveraging The Power of Amazon

How Amazon FBA Works (7:35)

The Heroes Inclusive Services

Why Amazon FBA Is So Powerful And How You Can Take Advantage (3:15)

Establishing A Corporate Structure And Protecting Your Business (5:44)

How To Obtain An EIN Number (1:31)

Understanding FBA Fees, Storage Fees, etc. (3:22)

What You Need To Know About Taxes (2:17)

Module 4 – Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Knowledge Base (Leveraging The Power of Amazon)

Module 5 – Setting Up Your Seller Central Account

What To Know Before Setting Up Your Seller Central Account (1:53)

Setting Up Your Seller Central Account (3:43)

Module 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Knowledge Base (Setting Up Your Seller Central Account)

Module 6 – Selling on Amazon USA as an International Seller

What To Know Before You Amazon USA As An International Seller (3:15)

Opening A USA Bank Account For International Sellers (1:19)

Module 7 – Building A Powerful Amazon Brand

What To Know Before ing An Amazon Brand (5:43)

Creating An Eye Catching Logo (2:40)

Creating Product Packaging That Wows The Customer (4:04)

How To Get Brand Trademarked And Get Brand Registered (3:37)

Module 8 – Product Research

What To Know Before You Product Research (1:43)

What Product Research Tool Should You Use? (3:48)

Broad/General vs. Specific/Niche (2:09)

Year Round Vs Seasonal Business Model (3:43)

Products To Avoid and Restricted Products (7:36)

Product Research Hero Technique #1 (w/ Casey Gauss) (50:55)

Product Research Hero Technique #2 (10:06)

Product Research Hero Technique #3 (19:19)

Product Research Hero Technique #4 (16:24)

Patents and Trademarks (4:48)

Seasonality (3:23)

Calculating Your Profit Margin To Determine If Your Product Is Worth It (10:48)

Module 8 – Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Knowledge Base (Product Research)

Module 9 – Market Research

What To Know Before You Market Research (4:07)

How To Dissect The Market To Create A Better Product & Listing (9:14)

4 Techniques To Differentiate And Destroy Your Competitors (7:25)

Module 10 – Contacting And Finding Suppliers

What To Know Before Contacting Suppliers (3:15)

What To Look For With Your Suppliers To Ensure Top Notch Quality (3:37)

Understanding Everything About Shipping Rates (6:27)

How Many Units Should You Out With (1:44)

Shipping Air vs. Sea (2:10)

How To Initially Contact Suppliers The Right Way (10:15)

How To Get A Lower MOQ Than 500 (1:40)

Ordering Your Sample (4:51)

Creating Your Custom Packaging (6:07)

Getting Your Shipping Estimate (2:20)

Placing Your First Order (4:37)

Understanding UPC/FNSKU Barcodes And How To Obtain One (4:05)

Getting Your Products Inspected (3:18)

Hiring The Best Freight Forwarder (2:09)

Creating A Shipping Plan For Your Supplier (10:06)

Module 10 – Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Knowledge Base (Contacting And Finding Suppliers)

Module 11 – Creating And Crafting Your Listing

What To Know Before Creating Your Listing (8:46)

Creating Your First Listing (12:07)

Crafting The Most Compelling Amazon Listing That Sells (18:48)

Optimizing Your Listing The Best Way Possible (11:19)

How To Use The Keyword Research Tool To Optimize Your Listing (w/ Casey Gauss) (32:45)

Module 11 – Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Knowledge Base (Creating Your Listing)

Module 12 – Product Photography

The #1 Most Important Thing About An Amazon Listing (4:30)

How To Take Product Photography From Home (4:23)

How To Take Product Photography With Your iPhone (3:36)

How To Edit Your Photos On The Computer Using Lightroom And Photoshop (10:40)

Getting Your Product Photography Done Professionally To Save Time & Money (3:24)

Module 13 – Launching Your Product, Ranking, And Getting Reviews

What To Know Before Ranking Your Product (3:24)

How To Launch Your Product Effectively (w/ Casey Gauss) (24:11)

The 2 Secrets To Ranking Your Product To The First Page (4:54)

How To Get Organic Reviews (3:23)

Running Extremely High Converting PPC Campaigns (17:43)

Using An Email Autoresponder To Build A Powerful Listing (6:11)

The Absolute Best Way To Rank Your Product To Page One (4:07)

Module 13 – Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Knowledge Base (Launching Your Product, Ranking, And Getting Reviews)

Module 14 – Building Your Amazon Portfolio And Scaling

What To Know Before Building Your Amazon Portfolio And Scaling (8:52)

Module 15 – Leveraging Social Media To Dominate w/ Danny Perez

How To Use Social Media To Dominate Your Amazon Business (3:29)

Using Instagram 101 To Dominate (16:29)

Using Pinterest 101 To Dominate (13:16)

Wrapping It All Up With Social Media Domination (0:54)

Module 16 – Facebook Ads & ClickFunnels

Running Insanely Powerful Facebook Ads (13:06)

Introduction To Facebook And Instagram Ads (7:26)

Creating Your First Facebook Ad (16:51)

How To Use ClickFunnels To Rank Your Product (6:47)

Learn Digital Marketing To Make Yourself A Huge Asset (6:56)

Module 17 – Heroes Bonuses

How To Deal With Hijackers And Remove Them (4:35)

How To Get Ungated In Certain Categories (2:38)

How To Add THANK YOU Card Inserts Into Your Product Packaging (3:50)


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