Derek Rake – Collection 2017


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Derek Rake – Collection 2017

Price: $382
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Cougar Seduction System
Cougar Seduction System consists of a specialized set of techniques developed for the approach and attraction of mature women from ages 30 and up. Recommended for clients who have already mastered the foundational Shogun Method® course.

Price: $49.67

SeductionOnSteroids is the world’s first Attraction Roadmap, outlining the 10 steps that a typical male takes to attract a woman from start till finish. It gives you a logical, step-by-step method to get you to the woman of your dreams using a potent combination of Derek Rake’s tactics.

Price: $66.95

Boyfriend Destroyer System
Easily our most controversial program, the Boyfriend Destroyer System is developed specifically for one purpose only: the seduction of attached women. This is the only place in the world you can get the real Boyfriend Destroyer system. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS ON MARRIED WOMEN.

Price: $69

ReSeduction is a step-by-step method on rekindling lost love through a potent mix of psychological, Mind Control deep persuasion tactics. Fused with Shogun Method® techniques and delivered in a simple roadmap covering the stages from post-breakup to the eventual reconciliation.

Price: $49

Alpha Male Activator
Alpha Male Activator is a brainwave entrainment program with high definition audio tracks to boost confidence and charisma levels through brainwave synchronization and subliminal messaging. Co-developed with Silicon Valley’s ActivatorTech.

Price: $48

Online Dating Playbook
Derek Rake’s Online Dating Playbook is the definitive guide to online dating: covering Facebook, chat and sites like and PlentyOfFish. This program is a collection of the best of Shogun Method® techniques adapted for the Internet for all skill levels.

Price: From $39.95

SonicSeductionâ„¢ is the world’s one and only course on being a “natural”. Now you can learn how to be naturally seductive with women without resorting to “Pickup Artist” or PUA trickery. SonicSeductionâ„¢ covers everything from rapport building to physical escalation.

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