Deborah Niemann – Goats 101


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Deborah Niemann – Goats 101

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Whether you have a couple of pet wethers or you’re thinking about bringing a few milkers into your life, this class will teach you what you need to know to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Do you know what nutrients your goats need?
  • Are you worried that your goats will freeze over the winter?
  • Have you heard that goats are hard to keep fenced in? (or maybe experienced this already!)
  • Do pedigrees confuse you?
  • Do you know when you should deworm your goats?
  • What’s normal behavior for goats?

In this course, you’ll learn the answers to all of those questions and many more! You’ll learn about bedding, housing, fencing, livestock guardians, normal goat behavior, goat anatomy, goat nutrition, symptoms of a sick goat, how to medicate a goat, how to figure out if parasites are a problem for your goat, when to call the vet, and more. In 7+ hours of lectures and videos, you will learn information that took me more than a decade to learn. I wasted hundreds of dollars in the early years, buying so many things from catalogs that sounded like I needed them. The fact is — you don’t need a big cabinet full of goat gadgets and supplements. You don’t need to be dosing your goat with anything weekly or monthly. With good nutrition and proper management, you can have a healthy herd without breaking the bank.

Gain confidence that your goats will thrive with proper nutrition and withOUT routine use of chemical dewormers and other drugs.

Save money by not buying unneeded supplements, supplies, and equipment.

Save time by not searching the Internet and trying to weed through a dozen opinions and outdated information.

Enjoy time with your goats knowing what’s normal and what needs attention.

Course Curriculum

Goats 101
StartWelcome to your class! (4:16)
StartBuying Your Goats (40:13)
StartShopping List for Goats
StartFencing (28:33)
StartHousing (20:04)
StartDay to Day (32:42)
StartLivestock Guardians (38:13)
StartFeeding and Nutrition (105:30)
StartFirst Aid & Medication (18:36)
StartParasites (80:26)
StartDisease and Illness (52:10)
StartVaccines (13:53)
StartNEW! Creating Copper Boluses for Goats (3:01)

In case you are questioning yourself … “Will I actually complete this course if I sign up for it?” I want you to know that I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that happens, which is why I’ve added these two bonuses.

BONUS #1: You can opt-in to weekly email reminders for 10 weeks that will encourage you to complete a module every week.

BONUS #2: You can join a private Facebook group created just for Goats 101 students, where you can ask goat questions and get to know other goat owners. I’m in the group regularly posting information and responding to questions. And whenever we have a new group of students join, I’m also reminding you to continue working on the course.

You’ll be sent information about how to join the Facebook group and how to subscribe to the email reminders after you enroll. Both of these bonuses are entirely optional, but I’ve made them available for those who want regular encouragement and reminders to keep working on the course.

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