DeAngelo – CPA Lvl 2 Course


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DeAngelo – CPA Lvl 2 Course

Price: $497

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Things You Need For This Course:
Ad Budget Minimum: $500- $1,000
Tracking Software: Ex CPV Labs
Skype: 1 On 1 Help With Me
Team DeAngelo CPA Network Account
Proper Mindset

Course Curriculum
Intro CPA L2
Chrome Addons
Signing up to Network
Billing For Network
Which Tracking Software I Recommend
Tracking Conversions Manually
What Are Tokens?
Why You Need To Track
Do You Need AutoSpying Tools
Should You Jump Right into DFY Campaigns
Missing Something

I Will Take That
All Devices
How To Find Pages
Is The Site Worth Taking?
Stealing Landing Page

How To Download FileZilla
Uploading Site To Domain
Is Your Landing Page Live?

Black Hat
How To Get A Cloaker
How To Use Cloaker
Stealing An Entire Campaign

Targeting Like A God
Reading Your Data Example

Black Hat Campaigns
Biz Opp Offers On Facebook
Running Trial Offers On FB

$45,000 In 2 Months
Picking Out Offers

Landing Pages
Setting Up Facebook Ads
No Bad Comments
Adding Trials To The Page

What Are They Doing?
Make Money Off Fake Facebook Accounts

Make Money Off College Kids
College Kids PT1
College Kids PT2
3 Reason Why Snapchat Ads Are Better Than Facebook Ads
How To Setup Snapchat Ad Account
Setup Billing For SC
Setting Up SC Ad
Creating Your SC Ad Yourself
Pro SC Ads

Unlimited Cards
Unlimited Cards For FB Ads
Be Prepared
Juicy Ads Review
Should You Start Your Own Tube Site
Adult Traffic Sources
Getting Approved For Traffic Factory
Sales Vs Leads

Native Ads
Native Ads Traffic Sources
Signup To Taboola
Adding Payment To Taboola

DFY Campaigns
Plug And Go
Where To Get Landing Pages
Uploading Your Edited Html
Target The Figures
The Objective
Writing Ad
Compliance Pages For FB
CL Research
CL Tracking
Setting Up CPV Labs For Amazon
CL Landing Page
CL My Ads
How I Make 10K A Month
Unlimited Craigslist Post
Setting Up One Dollar Page
Change Links On PHP Landing Pages
$1 Dollar Into $20-$100

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