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The DAX Sniper Is A Strategy For Income Generation
Here’s what’s inside:
Make a significant income from your
trading even if you have a small account
You trade to make money… am I right?
Let’s take a moment to think about that… Is there anything wrong
with this? Of course not!
But… is there a better alternative for you right now?
How about trading to generate an income? That’s right! I am not
talking about holding trades for a number of days to make money
at the end of the month. I am talking about trading today to put
money in your pocket today.
That is exactly what I want to teach you to do today. I want to teach you to trade to put money in your pocket! To generate an income that you can depend on.
Think about that for a moment… how would you like to be able to sit down at your pc and know that with just a couple of hours trading you could generate a consistent income.
My favourite instrument to day trade is the DAX. It moves quickly, it is predictable and it pays me.
Today I am going to teach you my strategy for trading my favourite instrument.
Take more profitable trades
with significantly less stress
I developed this trading system for myself. What is significant
about that statement is the sort of trader I am and how that
helps you. I am trader that needs to be right more often than
I am wrong,  I can’t hold trades forever and I need to know
whether I am right or wrong pretty quickly.
This strategy takes all of those personality traits into account
and provides high probability, short term trades that setup
every  single trading day. This also has the added benefit of
allowing us to put our money to work multiple times  a day
which  helps to grow small accounts into big accounts in  a
much shorter space of time than is traditionally accepted
through longer term swing trading.
Alex Ong – Traders Corner
Battle tested and ready for action
The DAX Sniper strategy is one that I have used for many many
years now. It is my primary Day Trading strategy and favoured
approach for exploiting short term momentum moves in the
This is the very same strategy that has generated 30% plus
months for us and yields a comfortable 10-20% return on
investment on a monthly basis trading relatively conservatively.
The DAX Sniper is a short term approach to extracting consistent
profits from the market. It is designed to help you generate an
income from your trading. Unlike longer term strategies where
you can generate significant returns over the course of a year,
the focus of the DAX Sniper is to generate money RIGHT NOW!
“Hands down the best trading course”
“This is hands down the best trading course I have ever bought. I thought I had a decent level of knowledge about trading but some of the things you cover have really opened my eyes and shown me why I have never quite found the consistency I wanted from my trading”
Daryl Hanningberg, United Kingdom
“Amazing Strategy”
“This approach to trading is like nothing I have seen before. I can know sit down for my trading sessions with a quiet confidence that when I finish I will have increased my account. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing strategy with us. Keep up the good work”
Stuart Mansfield, United Kingdom
Facebook Group Members
Here’s what’s they say:
It is all well and good me telling you how great our strategy is, but what really counts is how people like yourself are doing with the system on a day to day basis. There is no better way to demonstrate this than to let them tell you themselves. Check out some of the comments below that fellow DAX Academy members have posted on the DAX private Facebook group.
What is particularly interesting is how we all end up taking the same trades. This is a demonstration of how well and consistently the system works. With easy to follow rules and hands on mentoring this could be you in just a few short weeks time.
The DAX Trading Academy
The DAX Trading Academy is an online course with a difference. This course is focused on teaching you a battle tested strategy that will have you profiting from the movements in the markets in no time at all. You will learn through a series of video tutorials, webinars and live trading sessions where you get to watch my screen as I put the strategies we teach into action. You also get access to the Strategy Guide which will walk you through all of the steps you need to take to put this strategy into action in the live markets.
The DAX Sniper is for you if:
You are interested in learning a system for short term
trading and immediate gains
You can dedicate at least two hours each morning
to profit from the predictable market moves
You are sick of trading systems that promise so
much but deliver very little
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