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David Rainoshek – HyperLearning Course

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Welcome! You now have your very own professional HyperLearning Coach!


In the next few minutes I will reveal to you exactly what I teach my private clients to stay far ahead of the leading edge while most everyone else is overwhelmed by the current events, possibilities, and information streaming to us.


The HyperLearning Presentation you are about to see came through a dramatic flash of insight. Late one evening I was loaned a 14-hour audio course, which I was told I could keep and listen to for 2 weeks. The very next morning at breakfast when I returned it to my generous colleague, I thanked him for the talks, which were very engaging.


He said, “You listened to the ENTIRE 14 hours since last night?” 


“Yes,” I replied. “And I took full notes and got some much needed sleep. I think I dreamed a lot about the talks.”


His jaw dropped. And then I had that flash of insight.


I realized at that very moment that the HyperLearning tecnniques I had used to do the entire course in one evening seemed perfectly normal to me, but would be astonishing for anyone to know.


And thus began a very enjoyable year of laying out in detail the best HyperLearning tricks, skills, hacks, and secrets I have developed and discovered over the last 30 years to self-create leading-edge, in-depth books and programs from The Juice Feasting™ Program to There is a Cure for Diabetes, The Spectrum of Diet, The B-12 Exposed Course, and now HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach.


Here’s how The HyperLearning Presentation works: Enjoy an engaging point-by-point (walk-you-by-the-hand) HyperLearning bootcamp that is guaranteed to inspire you to the next stage in the life of your mind.


Congratulations for joining me on what may prove to be the most exciting, relevant, and inspiring Life Practice you have encountered yet in your life.


See you inside!

David Rainoshek

Your HyperLearning Coach


You have undoubtedly noticed that the amount of information coming at us – and that is available to us – is accelerating at an unprecedented pace.


For the big picture, and our own lives in it, what does this mean? What actions does it require of us, and what opportunities does it offer?


For the first time in human history, the sum total of all human knowledge, all peoples, finest achievements, experiences, cultures, traditions, histories, economies, ecologies, technologies, perspectives, wisdom, and ways of being – everything that makes us human – is now being put on the table and available to us, often just a Google search away.


Moment-to-moment experiences, events, and insights from all over the globe stream through our Twitter feeds. Facebook connects you with just about everyone you’ve ever known.


This next-level access and interconnection is absolutely unprecedented… nothing like it has ever happened in all of human history, and the implications are exhilarating and astounding.


In this new crucible of knowledge and experience, the world is getting together, and we are called to a higher global purpose: co-creation.


The problems we face, and the opportunities that await us, can only be met with next-level thinking and creative cooperation on a global scale.


And this means taking everyone, and everything, into account as we take this next evolutionary step worldwide.


There is a new mind, a new culture, a new level of compassion, care, and creativity that is arising worldwide in people like YOU… who yearn for a new way of thinking, a new way of being, an updated vision of who we are together, and where we are going… a positive, dynamic, creative, growth-oriented, integrative, hopeful, next-level vision of the future.


HyperLearning is part of this next level, this next stage in human evolution.


Hi, my name is David Rainoshek. I am the author and creator of HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach to Learning in the Integral Age.


HyperLearning is a deep passion of mine, and is based on over 30 years of experience with learning about learning from some of the pre-eminent genius minds across the globe, throughout human history.


What you are about to discover is not just how to learn faster, or even better, but how to cultivate the deepest drives and orienting perspectives behind the learning that set your mind, heart, and soul on fire.


And given that we live in a global, Integral Age, which I will discuss inside – HyperLearning has fortuitously come to you at the perfect moment. I absolutely guarantee it.


Your purpose, ability, and depth of learning is about to leap beyond almost everyone who has ever lived…

Teaching at The Leading Edge

Professional Reviews of My Projects…

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger on David Rainoshek’s Juice Feasting Program: “It’s rare for something to come along that impresses me so much as a healing modality that it instantly changes my own life habits.


I’ve personally found Juice Feasting to be nothing less than life-changing. Once I tried this for three days, I was hooked. I’ve now been on a modified Juice Feast ever since I met David Rainoshek. It has become my new, healthy lifestyle.


I believe Juice Feasting is the future of medicine, healing, and overall health.”

Mike Adams

Founder & Editor,

“There are some people who you just know are smart. David is one of them. He stands out among his peers. He’s also diligent. He’s a true researcher.”

Kevin Gianni

Founder of

“The more I listened to David, the more Juice Feasting started to make sense. Before long I found myself embarking on my own three month Juice Feast with David as my Coach… People don’t tend to come out the other side of Juice Feasting for three months without having experienced some pretty major life shifts…and my experience was no exception to this.


My Juice Feast with David was a completely phenomenal, life-transforming experience for me.”

Angela Stokes

Founder of Raw Reform

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Right Now

Inside the HyperLearning Presentation…

  • The exact methods, tips, and mindhacks I use and teach my clients to catch up and be light years ahead of the tidalwave of information coming to us…
  • The top nutrients and superfoods for a HyperLearning Mind that clear brain fog and create hyperfocus and put you in a creative state of flow (no matter what your age)!
  • How to read one or more books a day in minutesnot hours…
  • How to passionately self-generate the unique and creative work of your life for your own income…
  • The tricks and techniques that I, David Rainoshek, used to create my 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, integrating thousands of materials: files, ebooks, courses, videos, articles, and interviews…
  • Clear, easy things anyone can do to halt or even reverse the onset of “senior moments” and mental aging!
  • How to read, listen to, contemplate, organize, and review more materials than even the smartest people you know, and how to use those skills to find the best information and experiences contained in anything and everything you access.
  • How you can exceed the strategies of even the super-rich and the most highly educated to take your understanding far beyond a college, graduate, or even post-graduate level!
  • How to HyperLearn and expand and utilize your greatest commodity – TIME – more effectively than anyone you know or are likely to know!

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Today’s HyperLearning Training is Free

Direct from My Mind to Your Life…


I’m ready to prove everything you are reading.

Watch the Presentation right now, and see it for yourself.


Everyone who joins me on this free presentation benefits (and there is a great brain/mind drink at the end, btw). I am your coach for the next few minutes. Your time and life are 100% valuable to me… and HyperLearning is fully designed to benefit YOU.

SECURE Viewing

I look forward to sharing this revolutionary new information with you about HyperLearning, a skill which may prove to be the most exciting, relevant, and inspiring Life Practice you have encountered yet.


HyperLearning represents a quantum leap forward in the way you will learn, and what is possible when your mind and spirit are simultaneously at their peak potential. I look forward to seeing you inside.

Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek

Your HyperLearning Coach

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