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David Lindahl - Real Estate Wholesaling

David Lindahl – Real Estate Wholesaling

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Q:  Who are you guys anyway?
We are Dave Lindahl, Craig Picard and Don Goff.

I (Dave) have been a real estate investor for 14 years, ever since I was a burned-out landscaper living in a one-bedroom fleabag apartment and eating TV dinners.

When I heard about real estate investing, I simply couldn’t do it the “conventional” way because I didn’t have any money! So through lots of experimentation, I discovered ways to profit without first putting in money.

I now control about a third of a billion dollars of real estate around the U.S.

I met Craig Picard and Don Goff several years ago. Craig had been a “road warrior” for big companies, leaving home each morning in the dark and coming back in the dark. He got really sick of working so hard for someone else’s business.

He also was tired of wondering when the next corporate shakeup would happen, the next layoffs, the next bureaucrat-driven orders coming down from headquarters.

Meanwhile, Don Goff was trained as an engineer. He also had a crazy-hard work ethic, holding down three jobs at a time. Don and Craig have known each other since the 4th grade.

Eventually their conversation turned to how they could get free from that first cycle of work/sleep/work.

Craig says: “We tried all sorts of courses and every technique we could find. We’ve made more mistakes than I can keep track of. But over time we refined our approach into a system that worked for deal after deal.”

Craig and Don came to one of my events and we got to talking. We realized that between the three of us, we have done just short of 1,000 deals! That’s one thousand deals worth of experience.

If you did something 1,000 times, do you suppose you’d kinda figure it out? Well, we’ve figured this business out, and we agreed it was time to put our experience down in the form of a system others can follow.

That’s what our “Maximum Profits System” is all about.

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