Collars Mini-Course


Collars Mini-Course

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Collars Mini-Course


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We had a phenomenal response and very favorable ratings for our Broken-wing Butterfly course, and many have asked for the same straight-forward and illustrative examples with collars. Because the collar and married put are some of the only positions one can do in most retirement accounts, this is a must for everyone.

This material is broken down into the following sections:

Building Blocks

We used visual representation to show the building blocks of a collar – long stock, long put and short call. Also discussed is the short collar for those bears out there who want to find a place to sell the market, but in a protected manner.

We simplified the strike and month selection process to accompany the text (Stock, Option and Collars), and give you a detailed explanation behind the thinking process of initiating one of these positions.


Because most people trade these in a straightforward, plain vanilla manner, we will show different ways to play with the strategy to meet individual goals.

Don’t like selling the calls because it limits upside potential? Not a problem. We will talk about ways around this.

Don’t like buying puts that seem to go out worthless every time? No problem.  We will talk about ways around this as well.

New Material

Dynamic Hedging

Many are confused by the dynamic hedging portion of this trade and the correct way to acquire more shares of stock without putting more capital into the trade. This is new material! Random Walk has not gone into this powerful technique in enough depth for us to be satisfied, so we are rectifying that now!


Think about how much you can gain by learning just one little morsel of this class. That is why this material follows a linear path from ultra-basic to advanced. It has something for people of all levels of sophistication and experience. With the Dow making all time highs every day, you can’t afford to miss this class.

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