Claytrader – Advanced Options Trading Strategies Explained


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Claytrader - Advanced Options Trading Strategies Explained

Claytrader –  Advanced Options Trading Strategies Explained

Price : $297/month
Just pay : $59
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Using Options Trading to Gain True Flexibility and Freedom

Do not be intimidated. Advance options trading strategies have the reputation of being vastly complicated and complex; however, there is a problem with this reputation: it is NOT accurate!

While you can certainly make them as complex as you want, the tried and true methods taught in this course are explained step-by-step so that even a child could understand. Get ready to learn about magnets, snowballs, Pacman, blowfish, sharks and how all these items relate to the world of advanced options.

The true power of these strategies is the flexibility and freedom they will allow you to have.


After you enter into a traditional stock trade (long or short), there are three things that can happen to the price – right? The price of the stock can sit still and not move, go up, or go down. The problem with this in terms of flexibility can be seen in the image below.


By putting certain option strategies into place that are taught in this training program, you can literally profit no matter what the price does. As long as the price stays within a range of prices (determined by you of course), then it does not matter if the price goes up, down, or does not move. You will make profit. If the image below does not represent true flexibility, I do not know what does.



Due to the nature of the flexibility we have just discussed, the doors of freedom are open wide. The vast majority of people fall into one of these two categories. They want to generate income and wealth for themselves or their family, however…

  1. They have a day job and are unable to sit by their compute/tablet/phone every second of the day.
  2. They simply do not desire living the life of a day-trader who has to watch the markets minute-by-minute in order to trade in and out of positions.

In either of these cases, you would be classified as a swing trader. By learning about and using the options strategies taught in this training, you can give yourself a positive edge in your trade plans.

Learn Step-by-Step How Each Strategy Works

This training starts after you have answered the question, “What are my thoughts on the current/future price movement of ticker symbol “fill in the blank”?” Whether you use technical analysis (like I do), fundamental analysis, etc., to answer this question is completely up to you. After you have formed an opinion, this is where the advanced options strategies come into play.

The course teaches ten different strategies… yes, ten! I want you to get your monies worth! At the same time, I understand if this seems overwhelmingly. DO NOT BE overwhelmed!!!

It’s All About the Process

Why should you not be overwhelmed and intimidated? As a former process engineer, I was paid to put together processes for various things. This training course is no different. I will teach you a process that quickly begins to eliminate strategies based off of how you have answered a couple questions.

In fact, included in the course is an Options Strategy Selection Cheat Sheet that makes the process that much more efficient. After answering two key questions, you will be left with a much more precise choice of strategies to select. From that point, it is simply personal preference.

Kick that feeling of intimidation to the curb! If you have taken any of my other training courses before and you enjoy my teaching style of explaining concepts in child-like ways, then I can say with total confidence you will find great value in this course.

If you have any questions about any of this course material, pleae do not hesitate to ask by clicking here.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

Read complete user testimonials here.

The Exact Videos You Will Receive

  • Introduction
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Value
  • Intrinsic Value for Put Options
  • Implied Volatility Simplified
  • The King Indicators Pt. 1
  • The King Indicators Pt. 2
  • The Key Step in Controlling Risk
  • The Greeks Pt. 1
  • The Greeks Pt. 2
  • Covered Calls Pt. 1
  • Covered Calls Pt. 2
  • Trade Management: Rolling Options
  • Trade Management Managing Risk
  • Protective (Married) Puts Pt. 1
  • Protective (Married) Puts Pt. 2
  • Vertical Spreads (Intro)
  • Vertical Spreads (Bull Call Debit Spread)
  • Vertical Spreads (Bull Put Credit Spread)
  • Vertical Spreads (Bear Call Credit Spread)
  • Vertical Spreads (Bear Put Debit Spread)
  • Calendar Spreads (Intro)
  • Calendar Spreads (Call Calendar Spread)
  • Calendar Spreads (Put Calender Spread)
  • Butterfly Spreads (Intro)
  • Butterfly Spreads (Foundation)
  • Butterfly Spreads (Iron Butterfly)
  • Naked Calls Puts (Intro)
  • Naked Calls Puts (Naked Calls)
  • Naked Calls Puts (Naked Puts)
  • Straddles (Intro)
  • Straddles (Long Straddle)
  • Straddles (Short Straddle)
  • Strangles (Intro)
  • Strangles (Long Strangle)
  • Strangles (Short Strangle)
  • Condor Spreads (Intro)
  • Condor Spreads (Condor)
  • Condor Spreads (Iron Condor)
  • Ratio Spreads Pt. 1
  • Ratio Spreads Pt. 2
  • Key Scanner and Strategy Selection Cheat Sheet
  • Conclusion


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