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Christopher Walker – The Thermo Diet

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What Is The Thermo Diet? And Will It Work For You?

The Thermo Diet is a high carb, moderate protein, and moderate fat diet designed to give your body specific foods that are easy-to-digest and high in critical micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that your body specifically uses to boost your metabolism, improve thyroid function, and balance your hormones.

When you “go Thermo” and feed yourself these Thermo foods, your body quickly comes into a state of hormonal balance, making fat loss easy, while improving your skin, sleep, “bedroom” performance, and even making your hair thicker while giving you vibrant energy!

It’s easy to see why thousands of men & women are now claiming that Thermo has been absolutely life-changing for them (I’ll show you some of these testimonials in a minute…)

The human body is quite the miraculous vehicle for our spirits. And when it is coherent and in balance, it becomes an absolutely incredible machine.

Think about how you feel when you see someone with a lean, healthy physique…

Envision their eyes full of life, their skin is vibrant and clear, and they have boundless energy to do activities tirelessly.

Now think about the “Average Joe” or “Average Jane” you encounter so many times every day…

What do you usually see?


Now ask yourself this…

What is the key difference between the first, exceptional person and the second, average person?

Can you guess the answer?

The difference between the person full of Life with a lean, healthy physique and endless energy vs. the Average Joe or Jane with a flabby body, hair thinning, slow metabolism, and no energy… is two simple things…

These two things are the areas of health that function as the foundational backbone of all health in the human body, and when you address them, everything falls into place easily – and extremely quickly…

Taking Care Of These 2 Areas Of Health Will Keep You Feeling Young, Energetic, and Disease-Free

#1: Your Body Must Be Free Of “Micronutrient Deficiencies.

What do I mean by that?

Micronutrients – the key essential vitamins and minerals that your body uses for “fuel” – are the chief resource your biological metabolic and hormonal systems need in order to operate properly.

When your body becomes deficient in even just one or two key micronutrients, it starts to degrade in its ability to fuel your metabolism and hormones properly.

As you age, deficiencies become worse and worse…

In fact, countless population-wide studies have found that the average person nowadays is deficient in between 6-10 of the key vitamins and minerals with people who have more conventional lifestyles like eating fast food, drinking booze, and working stressful jobs having even MORE deficiencies as they continue to get older.

What happens is this…

As the deficiencies get worse over the years, key organs like your Liver, Thyroid, and Pituitary Gland all start to fail. They become imbalanced, and their ability to function properly rapidly degrades.

Once you hit your 30s, 40s, and 50s – your failing Liver, Thyroid, and Pituitary Gland are all screaming out for “HELP”, desperately pulling the vitamins and minerals they need to function and just “get by” from other important areas of your body.

Eventually those places become deficient as well…

Addressing your micronutrient deficiencies with nutrition and supplementation will help boost fat loss while increasing energy, mood, sleep, and overall well-being.

Deficiencies Create a Vicious, Downward Spiral – Leading To Health Issues You Never Thought You Would Have.

Your once vibrant 20 year old body is now in a rapid decline…

… over your 30s, 40s, and 50s. Insomnia, low sex drive, brain fog, low energy, and anxiety are now your “normal.”

And this SUCKS.

Your doctor just chocks it up to “common symptoms of aging” and maybe he even pulls out his prescription pad to prescribe you a Drug but deep down this “explanation” doesn’t satisfy you.

You know there’s got to be a real, natural solution to your problems.

You remember how much better you felt 10 or 20 years ago and you know that if you were just armed with the right plan, you could get back to feeling and looking that way again.

So let me just tell you this…

Your Intuition Is Right: You CAN Get Back To A Place Of Optimal Health (And You Can Do It Quickly)

The thing is… you need the right plan.

But before we get into what that plan is, we have to address the second condition that you MUST be aware of to restore vibrant health:

#2: Your Hormones Must Be Balanced

What does this mean?

Well, quite simply, there are two classes of hormones in the human body:

  • Stress hormones
  • Protective hormones

Stress hormones are obviously the hormones that your body makes in response to stress.

These hormones, since they’re involved in a negative feedback loop – also CAUSE additional stress on your body when they stay too high.

This is what’s known as the Vicious Cycle of Stress.

Here’s how it works inside your body…

❌ Your fat loss will come to a screeching halt

❌ Your bedroom performance and drive will disappear

❌ Your brain will remain in a constant state of fog and anxiety

❌ It will become an increasingly rare achievement to get a good night’s sleep.

When your hormones are out of balance, the way you look, feel, and think will never be anywhere near your full-capacity.

To make matters worse: the average modern person has chronically high stress hormones, and very LOW protective hormones.

This cycle will continue unless you do something to END it…

Stopping this cycle requires balancing protective hormones and stress hormones.

In other words…

Your protective hormones must be high and balanced while your stress hormones are low.

When you balance your hormones, you will notice your body start to “release” the excess body fat, providing you with endless energy, clearer skin, mental clarity, & deep sleep.

I Guarantee (With My Own Money) That You Will Balance Your Hormones When You “Go Thermo” Today

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