Christina Hall – The Paradoxical Nature of Change – Video Book



Christina Hall - The Paradoxical Nature of Change - Video Book

Christina Hall – The Paradoxical Nature of Change – Video Book

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The Paradoxical Nature of Change – Video Book

by Christina Hall, Ph.D., NLP Meta-Master Trainer

“Generative NLP for the 21st century, delivered out with crystal clarity by the ultimate wordsmith.
A concise and delightful learning boost for fresh and seasoned practitioners alike!“

Recorded from a live 3-day workshop in the U.K. in 2010. Paradox and related strategies to open up its self-imposed limits has not been explored and taught so explicitly at any level in NLP – until now. This is particularly powerful, since Paradox plays an essential role in problem formation as well as problem resolution: so, whenever someone presents something as a problem, there is most likely a double-bind involved.


In this Video Book, Christina presents generative change strategies to guide the process of generalization beyond paradoxical either-or thinking to open up possibilities where there appeared to be none – therefore, an indispensable tool for anyone who desires to make a timely contribution to the development of their clients.

Discover the difference as you

  • follow Christina’s artfully nested, yet clear and informative presentations.
  • watch her life demonstrations and experience the beauty and power of generative change in action.
  • listen to Christina’s renown and artful use of language – brush up your language skills and see new material presented.

“I have been training with Chris since the mid-90s, and have been delighted by this workshop.
It is fascinating how Chris evolved the content as well as her teaching throughout the years. Though familiar with the reoccurring foundational themes in her work, new perspectives keep opening up, freshening up my understanding of how to relate to and work with people, appreciating diversity as the powerful source for exploration, learning and evolving.“
(Licensed Psychotherapist, NLP Trainer)

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