Cesarl Rodriguez – Reality Nestworker Prospecting Mastery


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Cesarl Rodriguez – Reality Nestworker Prospecting Mastery

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Introducing “Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery”

“Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery” is my gift back to the Network Marketing industry that given me such an incredible life.

This course gives you the ability to follow me out into the field and “watch over my shoulder” as I prospect people for my home­based business.

There is nothing in the industry out there like this course. It’s basically reality television for the MLM world, but the difference is that I use reality to train you to become a persuasive and capable recruiter for your company.

When you access the trainings that I have created for you, you’ll be able to see flawless prospecting that you can model in your own business.

There are a lot of things in life that you can’t control, but prospecting isn’t one of them.

Here Is What You Will Find Inside Your “Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery” Course

Twenty (20) Live Prospecting Case Studies.

None of us learns something the first time we see it modeled, so I didn’t create three (3), five (5), or even nine (9) video case studies for you. I created 20! Each case study is meticulously­ detailed so that you are left with no questions by the time you finish watching.

Spy on me me in my prospecting “element!”

  • Each one of these videos show me (taped by hidden cameras and microphones) prospecting people in everyday situations that we all encounter on a regular basis. Whether talking to people at a gas station, stopping a postal worker on a busy day, interacting with a luxury car owner, or chatting with groups of strangers, nothing is held back. You’ll see an example of everything that can happen when you approach cold market prospects for business.

Get play­-by-­play detail on each part of every conversation, from start to finish.

  • Not only do you get to see me interacting with these people, live, but you also get to hear me break down why I did what I did or said what I said in every instance.
  • This priceless feedback will help you in formulating a strategy for your conversations, too.

Learn how to handle rejection from even the most staunch resisters to home business ownership.

  • The fact is that not everyone will want to hear what you have to say. And that’s alright, because professional Network Marketers know how to handle and process so­called rejection. I don’t get thrown off­course when people don’t want what I have to offer them, initially, and neither should you! Many times, I still come away with the name and phone number, anyway.
  • A “No” today often means “Not right now.” Get a firm handle on this truth, and you’ll always be in the driving seat of your business!

Use your job as a recruiting “marketplace” without getting fired, reprimanded by your bosses, or having your peers avoid you.

  • If you are still employed by someone else, one of the best (and most obvious) places to look for prospects is your place of business. You can actually have others looking at you as the go­to person for wisdom and leadership on self employment. With this module, you’ll learn how to be professionally postured as a home business owner right there on your job!

Take gentle command of the conversation when people ask you, “What’s the company name?”

  • There is so much confusion on this area of prospecting. Some people wonder if you should mention your company name or if you should avoid it, entirely. Fact is, there’s a method to answering this question that both keeps you in complete integrity and also compels people EVEN MORE to want to talk to you. It’s a time­tested strategy, and it. Just. Works.

Recruit “up” in your business, and purposely find people of great influence to introduce to your business!

  • Sure, when you go out to eat, it’s great to get the names and numbers of your waiters or waitresses…but what if you could get the general manager interested in talking to you, too? What if it was no sweat to just talk to the pharmaceutical sales reps who visit all the doctors in your city instead of just approaching one physician at a time?
  • Influencing the influencers is the single, most effective way to move forward aggressively in Network Marketing, and I show you how to get it done. In this module, you will learn one of my favorite recruiting techniques that will give you the upper hand, every time. In fact, you can grow your whole business using this technique, alone, if you wanted to!
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