Bud Jeffries – Hit Like a Freight Train


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Bud Jeffries – Hit Like a Freight Train

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How to Hit Like a Freight Train

Your Ultimate Guide to Strength and Conditioning for Incredible Striking Power!

Dear Martial Artist, Bud PunchingWhy aren’t you incredibly strong, unbelievably enduring, and able to hit so hard people think you’re in-human?

  • Are you tired of training your punch, but it never seems to get any stronger?
  • Are you confused about what exercises to use to make your punches truly devastating?
  • Your kicks a thing to be feared?
  • Do you wonder why you can’t squeeze more out of the body that you’ve got?
  • Why you just don’t seem to be getting all the power you think you have into your strikes?
  • Do you wonder why you do all of this training and it doesn’t really seem to make your punches any harder?
  • Do you think you can’t have muscle and still be fast, athletic and hit like a Cruise missile?
  • Are you already big and strong, but your punches don’t seem to have any snap?
  • Do you really understand how to ramp up the power when you throw a strike?
  • Have you got a little snap on those first punches, but by the end of the round your opponents telling you what a great massage you’re giving him?
  • Is there a secret to getting all of that that nobody is telling you?
  • Are you ready to have what you want?
  • Are you ready to really be able to crank it up and hit harder than you ever imagined?


The following information is only for people who are serious about really making their training work and really being able to hit harder while at the same time doubling their strength and endurance. If you ain’t ready to get it on, then stop reading. This is also not for people who cannot control themselves or cannot control their power. You will develop a dangerous degree of strength and ability to throw potentially injurious punches and kicks. Therefore you cannot attack people without a situation requiring serious self-defense, not simply acting out over petty issues.


I get questions all the time from people about how to improve their strength and conditioning for martial arts. Everything from how to punch harder, how to kick better, how to grapple with more power and endurance, you name it. So I’ve decided to put that information down for you in a way that nobody has before. With a three DVD series specifically dedicated to teaching you all the things you need to know about how to generate power for any kind of striking based combat. Whether you’re a boxer, kick boxer, karate, kung-fu, self-defense guy, casual martial artist or just a guy who wants to know how to add incredible power to his punches, the answers are right here.


Have You Ever Wondered Why Lightweight Boxers Can Hit So Hard?

Bud KickingWhy some karate guys really can hit with the kind of power that is hyped in all martial arts literature? It’s because they understand how to squeeze every ounce of power out of the body that they have. Many times these guys aren’t particularly strong. But they understand how to make their entire body work as a team to deliver a devastating blow. When you understand that, you can create power that’s more than the sum of your individual strengths. That’s why in these DVDs we’ve put over 75 minutes of teaching (and that’s just the beginning, the DVDs actually run well over three hours), on HOW to generate power. Where the power for a real devastating strike comes from and how to get more power out of yourself than you realized was possible. When you combine that with exercises that incredibly increase your raw power, speed and endurance, then you’re really building a devastating combination. You see in the marital arts today it’s popular to say, “If you just learn how to hit (or how to do any other martial technique), and back that up with a little light exercise that’s all you need and you’ll even be tougher than those big strong guys who waste all that time on exercise. Besides if you lift anything heavy or build muscle or do anything besides bodyweight exercise you’ll get muscle bound and slow.” Let me tell you friends, nothing can be farther from the truth. First of all most martial arts today do a very poor job of teaching people how to generate power for striking. Most of the exercise that people recommend to back up your technical training is pure non-sense. It’s extremely unfortunate that we’re dominated by two schools of thought on how to build your body for fighting. The, “Don’t do anything but light exercise,” school which says, “If you’re not lifting just your bodyweight you’re killing yourself.” And the, “Train like a bodybuilder,” school which says, “Wow! They LOOK big and strong, they must be doing it right, lets train like them.”


It’s all wastes your time and effort by giving you incomplete training that doesn’t really do the job. You can be the biggest, strongest guy in the world, but if you don’t know how to focus that power into a strike you won’t hit very hard. You can be a little un-athletic, weak guy and understand everything there is to know about how to generate power, have incredible technique and you still won’t hit that hard, because you don’t have the engine to drive those strikes. But there’s no reason you can’t have both.

There’s no conflict between being big, strong, and being incredibly enduring and being able to hit like a ton of bricks. The truth is you can have incredible power, the power of a world class strongman, and have massive muscle (if you want… it’s not necessary, but it’s there if you want it), and endurance beyond your most unlimited expectations and still move with grace, speed, and hit as if your hands and feet are made of titanium. The secret is in knowing how to actually deliver a strike with incredible power and how to put your training together to get all the qualities that you want without making them take away from each other. In knowing the best exercises, how to do them, how to make them really carry over to your martial arts, and why. That is what this series, How to Hit Like a Freight Train is all about. And here’s what you’ll discover when you watch them:

  • The best exercises for striking power
  • The secret of the one-limb exercise
  • Why dead-stop is the way to go for rapid power development
  • Seven killer pushups to ramp up your punches
  • Seven awesome bodyweight squats to power up your kicks
  • The best exercises from all of the hardcore implements to use. Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, sledgehammers, isometrics, bands, strongman, grip, and more
  • A powerful technique for staying relaxed and making your punches as hard as stone at the same time.
  • Exercises that help you relax and build explosive tension in the same movement
  • Bud Sled DraggingHow partials can explode your power for punching and kicking and which ones to use.
  • A dumbbell strength-conditioning complex that’s worth the price of this set alone.
  • How to put your mind into the exercises to really make them carryover to your striking
  • How to build strength and speed at the same time.
  • What to think about while you’re doing an exercise to make it increase your striking power.
  • The biggest weak links in striking power and how to eliminate them.
  • The reason each specific exercise will increase your power and what it’s working on.
  • Isometric striking exercises to build speed and make your power carry over from your strength directly into your strikes.
  • Band exercises to create speed, follow through, incredible power and hard-as-stone abdominals.
  • Extensive teaching on the one arm press and why it may be the greatest upper body exercise as well as the king for punching power.
  • Six greatest kettlebell exercises for kicking and striking.
  • Five incredible tips for generating striking power
  • How to loosen the shoulders to add speed to your punches.
  • How to take the parking brake off of your hip flexors for an immediate and unbelievable increase in your punching and kicking ability.
  • Myths about being muscle bound and training for striking exploded.
  • Sled drags for unbelievable endurance as well as ferocious striking power
  • How to harden your striking surface.
  • Heavy WindmillThe role of technique versus personal technique.
  • An easy tip to accelerate the power you get from sit ups and kettlebell swings and drive that power right into your punches and your defense.
  • How to create maximum strength training in the specific groove of your punches and kicks.
  • The Anderson Mixing Principle and how to teach your nerves how to get stronger and fight better at the same time.
  • “Twitch” squats and push ups for explosive power.
  • Simple joint looseners to make you more flowing and natural in your movements.
  • Basic Chi breathing to help you unify your internal and external power.
  • Five of the most incredible ab strengtheners known to man.
  • Five incredible hand strength exercises.
  • How to strengthen your feet for better power generation and safe kicks.
  • Live mixed workouts showing you how to put together the strength, endurance and striking exercises.
  • Real lifting, proving that it ain’t just all talk.
  • The best way to look at exercises to make them work for whole body power.
  • How to use intent in your training to really get what you want.
  • Flow conditioning – The top level for molded strength, conditioning and athletic movement.
  • Exact workouts for you to follow. The flexibility to make your own, but already pre-written programs for you to start accelerating your progress immediately.

And these are just some of highlights of what you’re going to get. There’s no other DVD series out there that explains the specific exercises to do for striking power and exactly how to do them. Let alone how to think about the exercise while you’re doing it to get the maximum benefit and what each exercise is specifically working on.

Double or Triple Your Power Explode Your Basic Physical Strength And How Hard You Can Hit As Well

Read some of the responses we’ve gotten from people who have applied these techniques. Just listen to this:

“Bud, thanks so much for the tips you gave me and the exercise program you created for me. My fight went great. We opened up with a little dancing around, feeling each other out, then my opponent caught me with a punch. I think it kind of freaked him out when I just stepped back and smiled. Then I unloaded a kick on him. I was shocked when it literally knocked him off the ground and off his feet… thanks again.” ~Wendell – South Dakota“Bud I really love the stuff. The other guys I’m training with now think I’m insane, but it’s mostly because they just can’t keep up. I’m torching them with the sledgehammer work. But when we actually get in the ring that’s when they really try to get out of it.” ~ Jerry T. – West Virginia“Bud I was amazed how much those couple of little hints you gave me increased my power. I feel like it’s really flowing now instead of slow and mechanical like it used to feel. Even my coach is surprised at how much harder I’m hitting. PLUS – I’m 10lbs heavier and my strength and endurance has gone through the roof. I’m not gassing anymore. Thanks! REALLY thanks.” ~ Brad B. – Nebraska“Mr. Jeffries, Thanks for the advice and the training material. I cruised through the SWAT training and test now. In fact I’m destroying a lot of the other guys from the test now when I used to finish last. When we’re sparing now, those tips about generating power really make a difference.” ~ Bob A. – Massachusetts“Mr. Jeffries, No one will play with me anymore! As you know I train a lot of kids from our neighborhood and they like to play what they call the 6″ game. That means they give each other 6” of distance, then punch each other in the arm or the stomach and see who wins or winces first. Normally I won’t fool around with them, but they kind of goaded me into it the other day so I set up and punched Tommy in the arm. Tommy outweighs me by about 25lbs. I used what you told me about driving through with the feet and the strength I’ve been getting from doing those partials and BAM, knocked Tommy down. Now they don’t want to play anymore. Thanks for all the help.” ~ Vince T. – Pennsylvania “Bud, Thanks for that training routine. My hands feel so much better and I’m hitting so much harder that when I spar with the other guys at the gym they think I’m on something. It’s really helping.” ~ Phil H. – Pennsylvania “Mr. Jeffries, The training is really going great now. I’m applying what you told me and really kicking butt when we do PT. When I spar with the other guys it’s a night and day difference. I feel much better about how I am physically when we leave for deployment next month.” ~ Name withheld upon request – US Army “Bud, Even though I’m not a regular martial arts guy, the tips that you gave me really applied to my other training. My lifts are going through the roof and my endurance is way up. I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference in my regular training, but it sure did. Plus I just feel stronger walking around. It’s really working great! Thanks again.” ~ Donnie D. – California

Emails like these are why we put these training DVDs together. To put all that information that we’ve been giving out to people down in one place so you have an incredibly easy to use and incredibly effective resource that you can go back to time and again for the knowledge that cranks your power up beyond belief.

Bonus Workout Guide

Bud Sledge SwingThat’s right… when you buy this DVD series you also get the User’s Workout Guide with it. That’s 10 inclusive, specific, complete training programs with all the individual workouts listed as well as a review of the hints and tips from the DVDs and some unbelievably valuable bonus tips. If you had to pay for this instruction live it would be thousands of dollars. Each of these DVDs is over an hour long and frankly there’s thousands of dollars worth of instruction on them. Most of the guys who sell this kind of thing would chastise me for not making this a ten DVD set, stretching the information out and really charging some big bucks for it. But for a limited time we’re going to give you a really great price. These three discs were intended to sell separately, but after consideration we chose to box it into a 3-disc set. For all of this amazing training information the 3-disc download set is only $127 $67! You can’t beat it! Not with a stick, a bat, or a dead opossum. No one is going to give you this kind of deal, or this kind of info. Incredible value at an incredibly low price. The information to literally completely change and immeasurably improve your martial power. Don’t kid yourself, this program could make all the difference in your martial skills. All the difference in whether you win or lose. Whether you ever achieve your potential. Whether you hit like Muhammed Ali or Richard Simmons. Mike Tyson or Kate Moss. Which one is it gonna be? God bless, Bud Jeffries

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