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Bruce Marshall – Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0

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Target Weekly Income with…

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Reliable weekly options income in “All Weather” Conditions

The “Secret Sauce” for turning wild market swings into steady income

Let’s face it, the one thing you can count on in trading is for the market to change its behavior without warning. Whether up, down, or in chop, traders will always be forced to adapt or miss out on profits (or, even worse, blow up their accounts).

Many have found themselves in this position before… So how do we adapt?

Well, that’s what a reliable weekly options income is designed to do. Even in markets with wild price swings, this bulletproof strategy is the “secret sauce” to collecting premium quickly in a variety of volatile market conditions.

In fact, check out the volatility in this $1,600 SPX trade… 

As you can see, that quick gain was locked in over FOUR days. That’s a pretty typical turnaround for this strategy. That’s because this strategy which uses “bulletproof” butterflies specifically targets quick weekly income.

The best part is that you don’t need complex formulas or any custom indicators…

Trade 7


What if you had ONE strategy for “all” market conditions?

As Director of Options and Income at Simpler Trading, Bruce Marshall, has demonstrated how it’s possible to continue to produce “bulletproof” weekly income with this one strategy in our trading rooms.

That’s why he’s agreed to do this Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0 training to walk you through exactly what he’s doing while also showing you how it works in real-time. This strategy has worked great for Bruce on its own as well as in addition to other strategies in “all” market conditions.


In this step-by-step training, you’ll discover:

  • How to generate consistent options income in ‘all weather’ conditions


  • How to build a “Bulletproof Butterfly” to withstand wild price swings


  • Bruce’s “go-to” weekly options setup for indexes and individual stocks


  • Bruce’s step-by-step blueprint for weekly butterflies.


  • How to defend your trades from attack (and when NOT to)


  • How to “dial” your trade up or down to match your income goals

Choose The “Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0” Package You Want What’s Included:


ELITE / $1,397

Includes Strategy Class + E-Learning Module + TOS Analyze Tab + 2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading + + 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading + BIAS Quarterly (Renews at $547/Qtr)

With the Elite Package, you give yourself the chance to maximize this exclusive opportunity with 2 extra pre-recorded sessions…

And that’s just the beginning of what makes the Elite Package the best choice if you’re ready to go “all in”…

BIAS Quarterly

Trading can be a lonely adventure. It’s better when we can continue our journey together. With Bruce’s Income Accumulation System (B.I.A.S.) Quarterly Membership, you get to connect with Bruce as he shares ideas during live chat room sessions while he manages his real money in the markets.

About Bruce Marshall

Director of Options and Income Trading

After spending many years on Wall Street managing institutional and retail accounts, we’re lucky to have him trading in several memberships of ours. In addition to the Options Chatroom, he has his own service called Bruce’s Income Accumulation System (BIAS), where he focuses heavily on some of his favorite strategies.

Bruce is a conservative income trader. He specializes in longer-term options strategies that can make your money work for you over time without a ton of adjustments. The simplicity of Bruce’s trading game is that he typically uses the same position sizing for each setup. The length of time he gives his trades allows him to adjust as needed. Making necessary adjustments is also something he specializes in.




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