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Brian Tracy – Success Mastery Academ

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Enroll Now! Brian Tracy’s Success Mastery Academy: the Ultimate, Uninhibited, Guaranteed Way to Achieve Peak Performance and Succeed in All Your Goals, Personally and Professionally

Ever wish you could do and be more in your life?

You work hard every day, nose to the grindstone. You put in extra time, extra effort, and extra energy.

But at the end of the day, and the month, and the year, you simply don’t see the payoff. You’re short on money, short on time, and short on fun.

Meanwhile, you notice other people in your office or your social circle having the times of their lives, earning more than you and somehow enjoying more free time.

So what are you working so hard for?

Although the situation may feel hopeless right now, it doesn’t have to.

In fact, right now, you have the chance to take action and control every aspect of your life.

When you do, you discover exactly how to make sure all your work pays off. The result: you live a life you love. A life of your own design.

Success Mastery Academy – the most advanced and life-changing seminar program on personal success and achievement ever developed.

Discover exactly how to say “No” to failure and “Yes” to success!

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“This program is one I will never lend…because it won’t come back. I use these techniques every day to help clients overcome their self-imposed limitations. Simply put, it is a “Manual for Life.”

-Dr. Cheryl Jack, MD.

When you enroll in the “Success Mastery Academy,” you:

  • Develop a renewed sense of hope and purpose as you discover that you really CAN create the life you want – and it’s as simple as following a proven system
  • Develop absolute clarity about what you want, specifically, and how to get it
  • Become absolutely unstoppable in the pursuit of each and every one of your goals – no matter how big or how small
  • Begin making progress more quickly and easily than you ever imagined possible
  • Move forward with a renewed sense of purpose toward the life you’ve been dreaming of
  • Become financially independent
  • Experience a profound sense of calmness and confidence as you take continuous action to move toward your goals – no more stress or anxiety

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As a student of the “Success Mastery Academy,” you learn:

  • 7 Qualities of Master Achievers– stop beating your head against the wall and jump on the shoulders of successful people who have gone before you… success isn’t rocket science when you follow my simple plan.
  • Managing Yourself for Peak Performance-quickly overcome any obstacle standing in your way of success. You will become unstoppable!
  • How To Make Quantum Sales Leaps-if you want to be really successful in any business, sooner or later you’ll have to master a few sales skills.
  • How To Master Your Time-time is really all you have. It’s one thing you can never get back. When you value your time, you will use it wisely.
  • Kick Butt Sales Strategies-add a few of these to your toolbox and watch your income soar. Huge profits await you when you apply these simple techniques!
  • Perception and Positioning-as you start to become “You Inc.” you will see things in a whole new light. Your new Self-image can propel you ahead at lightning speed. I’ll show an easy way to rise to the top of the positioning game.
  • Master Negotiation Skills-think negotiating skills are only for police and military personnel? You’d be dead wrong. Mastering this skill will help you win in any situation, personal or professionally. Your ability to influence and persuade people to see things your way will have a major impact on how much money you make in the next 12 months as you enter the world of Win-Win.
  • How to Motivate Yourself-success and motivation go hand in hand. Like a Nascar driver, you’ll stay motivated to win. You just can’t lose with this technique.
  • Discover the Hidden Magic of Self-Direction-you have a success GPS deep inside you. I’ll give you the instructions on how to program to your advantage. Like a guided missile you will hone in on what is really important to you. Can you afford not to?
  • Personal Strategic Planning-your best performance doesn’t happen by chance. This CD module will power you upward toward success. Stop wasting time chasing your tail and follow your own success roadmap.
  • How To Set and Achieve Your Goals-you’ve heard it before, now it’s time to listen. This is not the same old stuff grandma told you. Stop idling and accelerate into high gear to start living your dreams! Get more buzz out of your life while achieving your biggest goals now.
  • How To Master the Art of Powerful Relationships-you will become a master of communication. Fast track your success by meeting the right people. Who you know will take you way beyond what you know. How else would you explain people with half your IQ making more money than you? Plus, your connection with family and friends will improve drastically!
  • How To Achieve Financial Independence-it’s not about the money but the freedom you enjoy when money stops being a life and death pursuit. I think you will agree, lifestyle rates right up there with oxygen. Your family will appreciate spending more quality time with you.
  • 21 Immutable traits of Self-Made Millionaires-keep the American Dream of becoming a millionaire alive. Now you’ll have the inside track to unlimited riches!
  • How To Achieve Success in Your Personal and Business Life-do you want business success at the cost of your family? Do you want family success at the loss of your business or career? Discover how to enjoy balance and harmony in both.
  • Discover the Critical Difference– I’ll reveal why leadership can make or break you. Leaders are not born – they are made. Wouldn’t you like to call your own shots? You won’t want to miss this one, it’s key to your success.
  • And maybe a surprise or two-when you finish placing your secure order, make sure you pay special attention to the email you will receive…might be something of value in there…
  • And so much more!

Sound good?

Order now to achieve your peak performance

Are you ready to move forward with confidence and ease as you develop THE ultimate plan for your ultimate success – and follow it to completion?

Order your copy of “ Success Mastery Academy ” now to reach your Peak Performance!

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Your copy of “Success Mastery Academy” includes 16 powerful CDs:

  1. 7 Qualities of Master Achievers
  2. Managing Yourself for Peak Performance
  3. How To Make Quantum Sales Leaps
  4. How To Master Your Time
  5. Kick Butt Sales Strategies
  6. Perception and Positioning
  7. How To Master Negotiation Skills
  8. How To Motivate Yourself
  9. Discover the Hidden Magic of Self-Direction
  10. Discover Personal Strategic Planning
  11. How To Set and Achieve Your Goals
  12. How To Master the Art of Powerful Relationships
  13. How To Achieve Financial Independence
  14. 21 Immutable traits of Millionaires
  15. How To Achieve Success in Your Personal and Professional Life
  16. Discover the Critical Difference Leadership Makes

PLUS, you get a 90-page follow-along workbook to personalize your journey.

And of course, as with all my products, you’re covered by 100% no-haggle, 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

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“Success Mastery Academy has excellent value, is entertaining, motivational and very educational… A REAL MASTERPIECE.”

-Mohd Ridzuan

If for some reason, or any reason, you feel Success Mastery Academy is not all I say it is, simply return it for a no-questions asked, prompt and courteous refund.

But I must warn you, if you do, you’ll be the first to ever do so. (A dubious distinction for sure!)

I’m sure you will agree that 1 year is plenty of time to review Success Mastery Academy and put the powerful tips, techniques, and strategies to work in your life.

You have one full year to start enjoying the immense benefits and imminent profits which await you, but you’ll be amazed how fast you start to reap the rewards. Start mastering your life today!

Are you ready to reach your peak performance?

“I would rate this as the best program I have ever listened to; I’m already making progress and I haven’t even finished the series yet!”

-Charles Kelly

My Success Mastery Academy is by far one of my greatest accomplishments (besides marrying my wife and fathering 4 great kids.)

So I think it’s only fair to say that as you make the wise, life-changing decision to invest in Success Mastery Academy today… the life-enhancing bonuses you will receive as you implement my program into your life are far more valuable than any product bonus I could add.

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