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Bradley Long & Josh Hutchinson – Shoptimized

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How I created a $25,000 per month income stream from a simple little shop without stock or staff…
… and how YOU can launch and profit from your own “Shoptimized” store in 30 days or less
To all beginners, Teespringers, dropshippers, struggling affiliates, overworked product creators… or anyone else who wants to make big bucks with a SIMPLE business they can be proud of:
On this page, I’m revealing…

How I created a $25,000 per month e-commerce website, without any stock or staff
The real secret behind a successful store (hint – it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it)
How to avoid thousands of unnecessary costs, bypass weeks of work and set up a high converting store in days, not months…

It took me years of pain and maxed out credit cards
to discover the truth…

Product creation, blogging, affiliate marketing, consulting and coaching is not easy.
Not even close.

I’m not saying these are “bad” business models, but the truth is…
Selling physical products to a hungry crowd
is easy pickings!

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