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Brad – Ecom Marketing Mastery Course

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This is not a course that showcases the basics of Shopify, this is the precise marketing process I use to build and expand an online business (from $0 to $1 million)

I will add tools to this course because things are constantly changing in this industry and the Internet.

Senior students will receive my personal contact to share results/quick questions

DM feel free to send me any questions on my Instagram @Brraaaad

I will go over:

How to price your product
Create high conversion landing pages
How to set up profitable “quotes” and advertisements
How to set up Fb Ads Manager and install Pixel
I am currently doing the process of gradually placing successful Facebook ads
How to scale these ads
How to analyze pixel data to get more efficient ads
Influential marketing

You will learn everything about online sales, Dropshipping and the world of marketing. For the entire business, the most important part is to present your products in front of the right people. I will provide you with everything you need, pay attention to and put into work to create success together
Joining opportunity

All membership sales will receive 50% of the revenue. It’s as simple as sharing a link to instagram, earning $60-$250. After making 2 sales under your affiliate link, you will get my $120 package completely free of charge. If you are interested in obtaining a membership link for this course, please send me DM on Instagram @Brraaaad and say “AFFILIATE WORK”, I will provide you with a personalized link! Let you make money easily with me
Your coach


I started looking for ways to make money without starting an investment, and I found ways to help people develop my personal brand while helping people. I met Shopify and Dropshipping in January. This was the first thing I decided to concentrate on, spending more than 12 hours a day. At the beginning, I lost money because of my nature and seeking guidance. After continuous research and study, I can now expand the storage of 0-500k In in less than a year. To this day, I still spend countless hours learning and adapting to the rapidly changing Internet world

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