Bob Serling – Un-named Mentoring Program


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Bob Serling – Un-named Mentoring Program

Price : $297

Just pay : $58

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You’ll also get proven strategies, tactics, support and one-to-one consulting to help you take your profits to where you’ve always known they should be. Here’s just a sample of what’s included in this program:

> You’ll get a fully developed marketing plan, complete with a superior strategy and the most effective tactics for maximum results.

– Discover 6 different, totally reliable traffic generation strategies to quickly add 15,000 more highly qualified prospect to your list. If you’ve been burned by pay-per-click or other search techniques, this is the cure!

– Copywriting tips, tactics and secrets for improving all areas of your marketing.

– Conversion strategies that will easily double or triple your sales.

– The inside secrets of my “rapid product development” system. This is the same system I’ve used to create a multi-million dollar software company, invent a toy with Tony Hawk’s logo that sold millions, create new insurance products, and far more than I have room to cover here.

– Power publicity. I know you don’t have time to make publicity a second career like so many PR courses teach. I’ll show you how my simplified approach generated so much coverage and downloads of my “bait piece”, it crashed my site twice in 10 hours. Plus much more.

– How to use “pivot point” marketing to turn a single product or service into multiple products or services – this is one of the fastest ways to build year after year of automatic profit growth into your business.

– Dozens of back-end strategies for turning one-shot buyers into dedicated customers for life.

– How to graft the best online and offline marketing tactics together and rocket your profits up the charts.

– And a lot more that I’m not ready to reveal yet.

Get  Bob Serling – Un-named Mentoring Program   on

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