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Instant Lifetime Access to all the training videos, docs, marketing campaigns, scripts, and processes for you to start doing deals.
​$500 Ad Credit (received in the form of an instant $500 discount off our normal price of $1,497)
​Better-Than-Money-Back GUARANTEE that you will get at LEAST one deal.
​BONUS #1: Archive of over 12 months of past coaching call recordings (pure gold).
​BONUS #2: My secret sauce in dominating FB for seller leads using “alternative ad images” (this is stuff nobody else is teaching)
​BONUS #3: Subject-to Land Trust Docs – this is the key ingredient that allows us to buy someone’s house and leave their existing mortgage in place without the bank calling the loan due.
​BONUS #4: Seller Objection-Handling Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet is going to arm you with every objection handling line you’d ever need to know. This is what separates the winners and losers in this business, and I’m giving you my best stuff here.
​BONUS #5: “Super Seller Financing Script” Use this super-simple script to negotiate some CRAZY good seller financing terms. This is how I’m able to create huge front-end paydays for myself, PLUS monthly cash flow, without any of the headaches of being a traditional landlord.
​BONUS #6: “Buyer Deal Meeting Script” – this script is what allows me to maximize my payday by negotiating from a position of extreme authority with the buyer. Seriously, these are the words that can earn you thousands of dollars per hour when you use them to negotiate an extra $5k+ profit into your deal, just from flapping your lips for a few minutes with your buyer