Bill Poulos – Instant Profits System


Bill Poulos – Instant Profits System


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Product Specifications:Instant Profits comes in a 5 pound box that contains a 150 page manual, CD, DVD and 4 cardstock colorful trading blueprints


The Instant Profits Trading System gives you the secrets that nearly all other traders know nothing about.  When you purchase the course you get over 1 hour of screen capture videos showing you each step it takes to apply Instant Profits Trading System to any market.   At first one might think that the Instant Profit Trading System might just be another trading program, but its actually a complete training course developed by Bill Poulos.


Who is Bill Poulos?  Bill Poulos is a retired Automotive Engineer.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Finance.  Bill has been trading successfully for over 30 years.  As with any other trader he figured that he could come up with a fool proof method to make money on every trade.  We all seen the ads that claim they can make you money while your sleeping.  He spent countless hours, spent thousands of dollars buying up every trading system out there.  He fell for all those scams and false profits of the trading market.  Bill has developed many different methods and systems to help others increase their trading profits.   The Instant Profits System is Bill’s oldest running program designed to work in any market during any time frame.


With the course you’re going to learn that not every trade makes money.  You are going to have to put the good with the bad, losers with the winners and move on.  The concept of actually having losing trades seems to be a big breakthrough even with more experienced traders.  Learning to focus on risk control and money management is critical.  Overcoming the common myths associated with trading.


Buying and Holding Stock is safe

Thinking that trading is easy

That there is actually a holy grail of trading

Selling short is risky

Thinking that the Market Analysts are always right

The above myths are all proven false in the course.  There are also 6 more myths that are completely shattered in the Instant Profit Trading System.  These myths are what drove Bill to develop the Instant Profit Trading System.  He was getting tired of all the hype and useless products that left too many loose ends.  Bill wants everyone to stop taking the chances, and chasing that perfect program.  The Instant Profit Trading System is designed to work for any trader regardless of experience.  Removing risk and learning easy money management is the core of the course.

After years of studying and testing the Instant Profits Trading System it was finally perfected.  Poulos named the program Instant Profits because he believes if you follow his step by step process the winning trades will start to happen quickly. You’re probably wondering if the program is that great, why Bill is sharing it with everyone. It is all because his son asked him this question “With all the crap out there, why don’t you teach everyone what you know?” It made him think of the Instant Profits Trading System.

Personal gratification, Bill loves it when he gets emails and letters from students of the course. Telling him how grateful they are for what he has taught. Even though Bill has the ultimate trading system set up at his home.  The system consists of 3 networked computers, the latest trading software and multiple live feeds.  This kind of set up is not necessary to be successful with the Instant Profits Trading System.  If you’re wondering what makes the program a ‘special program’. It’s simple, it allows you to trade when and where you’re most comfortable.

The fact that you can trade anywhere and at any time is a huge part of the system. This is because most trading systems out there only work during a specific time frame or a single market. Don’t forget that the Instant Trading System works with ANY MARKET. Poulos wants you to be successful with the Instant Profits System that he offers a beginners section to get new traders up to speed.  Complete with many examples and action exercise to help you learn your way.

Having a coach is always good. How good do you think that a football player can actually be if they are not coached the proper way to play? This is also true with Forex trading or any trading for that matter. With the Instant Profits Trading System you will get a step by step Personal Coach to guide you down the right path to profits.

Learn the proper way to plot your chart.

Learning the 4 set-up points for each trade

Entry point.  Knowing how and when to enter into the trade

Stop loss orders.  After entering the trade you need to reduce risk by putting a stop loss order

Target point.  After the stop loss order, put in a profit target point order

As a bonus you also learn how to change your stop loss order in case your like some traders who like to change their trades daily.

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