Beck & Padesky – Love Never Enough


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Beck & Padesky – Love Never Enough

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Aaron T. Beck, MD & Christine A. Padesky, PhD
4 Audio CDs • Clinical workshop
Length 04:48:00

Why is Love Is Never Enough?
How is it that the person we love the most in the world can become the person who inspires the most anger in us?
How can love turn into anger and even hate?

Dr. Aaron T. Beck, founder of Cognitive Therapy, highlights the expectations and beliefs that are associated with problems in relationships. He offers intervention techniques that help to identify, evaluate and modify them.

  • Learn the eight stages of cognitive therapy with couples

  • Hear live demonstrations of Dr. Beck doing couples therapy

Methods taught in this program can be used as a full approach to psychotherapy with couples or can complement other couple’s therapy approaches.

This clinical workshop is a helpful companion to Dr. Beck’s book of the same title: LOVE IS NEVER ENOUGH: How Couples Can Overcome Misunderstandings, Resolve Conflicts, and Solve Relationship Problems Through Cognitive Therapy

Disc 1 of 4
1. Intro & Agenda
2. Imagination Exercises
3. Collaborative Set
4. Conceptualization
5. Techniques
6. Attitudes / Expectations
7. Cognitive Distortions
8. Therapeutic Issues
9. CT in Perspective

Disc 2 of 4
1. Demo: Assessment
2. Identify ATs
3. Demo: Anger Control
4. Conceptualization
5. Dyadic Methods
6. Client Skills

Disc 3 of 4
1. Demo: Beverly
2. Debriefing
3. Testing Beliefs
4. Communication Beliefs
5. Creating Hope
6. Questions & Answers
7. Resolving Differences
8. Treatment Compliance

Disc 4 of 4
1. Treatment Compliance
2. Relapse Prevention
4. Questions & Answers
5. Personality Disorders
6. PD Case Examples
7. Questions & Answers
8. Summary

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