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Get your paws on The Bear Snare Indicator today and instantly be able to:

  • Spot and avoid traps
  • See that it’s been triggered
  • ​Get your entry signal
  • ​Plan your trade

Upon purchasing your Bear Snare Indicator today, we will also include the Bull Snare Indicator with it at NO EXTRA COST!

Bear Snare Quick Launch Course

This video will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to get your indicator up and running! It’s so easy to install that the video is less than 3 minutes long…

Bear Snare Indicator – $997 value
Bull Snare Indicator – $997 value

Bear Snare Masterclass

This deep dive will show you

exactly how to use the indicator,
as well as give you extra tips and
tricks to unlock its full potential!
Bear Snare Masterclass – $197 value

Bear and Bull Snare Scanners

Your indicators will help you find these snares on all your favorite stocks, but these scanners will help you find even more opportunities!

Bear Snare Scanner – $99 value
Bull Snare Scanner – $99 value

Apply Celeste’s proprietary coding to your TradingView or ThinkorSwim charts today…

And follow the Smart Money while avoiding snares along the way!
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