Authentic Awakening Advanced Intensive with Thomas Huebl


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Authentic Awakening Advanced Intensive with Thomas Huebl

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Turn Your Life into Your Practice

It certainly seems easier to access enlightened states of awareness when we are on retreat or on our meditation cushions or yoga mats than when we are under the stresses and challenges of our everyday life.

What if, though, you could learn how to permanently transform these daily pressures and “triggers” from being obstacles to your enlightenment into being the core of your practice for awakening?

In other words, what if you could begin to see that your daily life is providing exactly the arena for practice and awakening that you need, provided that you engage it in the right way? From communicating with your husband to raising a child to negotiating with your boss – they can all be opportunities to bring more enlightened awareness into embodiment.

For those of us interested in cultivating the best of who we are in our fast-paced, ever evolving world this is not just a ‘nice thing to do’, it is the essential transformative practice of our times. Our daily lives BECOME our spiritual practice.

A 21st Century Spiritual Guide

Fortunately Thomas Huebl is a teacher that deeply understands the unique context and challenges of our modern culture and is blazing a new path for sincere practitioners to fully awaken in the trenches of “real life.”

Thomas is a renowned mystic and luminary, who is rapidly coming into prominence as a one of today’s most innovative and groundbreaking spiritual teachers.

If you have had the good fortune to study or practice with Thomas already, you’ll know how rare this man is, both as human being and as a spiritual guide.


If you haven’t worked with Thomas directly you may be wondering “What makes him so special?”

That’s a hard thing to summarize and put into language, but if we had to use one word to describe what makes him so unique it would be “Transmission.”

He is truly living and emanating a presence that is so rare and beautiful that it is honestly a treasure to witness and behold. And he’s able to describe what he is witnessing from that presence with crystalline clarity such that it helps shift consciousness rapidly in individuals and groups. He’s literally working with the field of the entire group as he speaks.

Yet, in the midst of his extraordinary “transcendent” awareness he also exudes a deep humility and gentleness that make him so relatable and down to earth. He’s a profound Master and accessible guy at the same time.

This rare combination of transcendent presence, penetrating insight, and deep groundedness in his humanity is best exemplified by how he communicates in his teaching sessions and one-on-one with students.

He has the remarkable gift of being able to teach and ‘transmit’ the deepest spiritual truths and metaphysical principles in the simple, clear language of direct experience while also being intellectually and scientifically grounded.

Having researched and studied virtually every spiritual tradition on the planet, we can honestly say that Thomas Huebl is truly among the most gifted, original, clear, and remarkable spiritual teachers in the world today.

Here are just a few of the ways we have enriched the 9-month Advanced program

  • Longer more in-depth teachings and lectures
  • Greatly expanded one-on-one and Q&A sessions with Thomas
  • In-depth instruction into the nuances of the key practices and tools
  • More weekend classes with better times for North Americans and Europeans
  • Improved break-out session formats
  • Plus much more

Module 1
Advanced Transparent Communication:
Transforming Your Communication into a Spiritual Practice


  • Discover how to transform all communication into a spiritual practice
  • Cultivate a conscious relational space through presence and attunement
  • Perceive the subtle energy in all communication beyond the words
  • Develop subtle energy competency: Gross – subtle- causal- non dual
  • Discover how to speak to the essence of the problem not its symptoms
  • Read energy and information directly to navigate with greater clarity
  • Learn to see the full spectrum of others from their shadow to their highest potentials
  • Experience Radical Empathy – shift your perspective to different levels of awareness – Self, Other, the Space between
  • Learn how to let go of your habitual ego processes to clearly perceive the energy of others

Module 2
Advanced Shadow Work:
Integrating All that You Are to Awaken Your Full Potential


  • Learn how to find the pearls of wisdom within the shadow’s contraction
  • Discover how to bring conscious awareness and feeling into the unconscious areas of your personality
  • Experience holding the space for others who are in a space of contraction, without dissociation or resistance
  • Learn to detect and become aware when you are triggered into a shadow area
  • Cleanse the filters of perception to liberate your innate intelligence and potential that is buried within the shadow
  • Learn the optimal container for different types of shadow work – on your own, in a group or with a skilled therapist
  • Get to the root of the your unique shadow blocks and “symptoms” to heal them once and for all
  • Work in small group “triads” with special practices to help integrate your shadow and expand your awareness

Module 3
The Mystical Process of Incarnation and the Cosmic Cycles of Creation
How to become fully embodied as your divine potential in this life


  • Understand how the past and future are affecting the present moment
  • Learn the subtle dynamics of the law of Karma
  • Experience the mystical process for how to fully incarnate and become embodied in this life
  • Understand the intimate relationship between Freedom and Commitment
  • Learn about the ego’s defence mechanism of Spiritual Bypassing
  • Learn what can go “wrong” in the incarnation process and how to resolve it
  • Discover the process to face and bring closure to the recurring issues in your life

Module 4
Illuminating Intimate Relationship:
Transforming Your Relationships Into a Vehicle for Your Awakening


  • Learn about the fundamental dynamics at work in intimate relationships
  • Become aware of the unconscious patterns you are playing out with your partner
  • Awaken to the spiritual aspects of sexuality as a tool to increase our intimacy
  • Discover how not to fall into the trap of making your relationship a therapy
  • Learn new tools and practices to handle communication breakdowns and regressive situations
  • Transform sexuality into a tool to transcend separation and expand awareness
  • Discover how your relationship can be a catalyst for you and your partner to awaken
  • Understand intimate relationship in a bigger context

Module 5
Actualizing Your Enlightened Potential:
Awakening to Your Soul’s Unique Purpose and Mission in this Life


  • Learn how you can recognize and help to liberate the higher potential in others
  • Find ways to express your core energy more fluidly in life
  • Experience what happens when our deepest humanity merges with our highest possibility
  • Learn how you can own the darkness of your shadow and integrate with the full splendor of your light
  • Discover how to align yourself with higher knowledge and let it guide your life
  • Experience the transformational principle of initiation
  • Learn how to embody your realizations so that every cell of your body radiates this new information
  • Learn how to become a beacon of authentic transmission by walking your spiritual talk
  • Trust your intuition more deeply and embody a higher level of consciousness

Module 6
The New Culture of “We”
Evolving Beyond the Contraction of the Ego in Service of the Whole


  • See how to cultivate a grown up, mature “i”, with transcendent insight
  • Discover the components of a new “we” and how to cultivate it
  • Learn how to open yourself beyond the ego’s preferences in service of the whole
  • Shift from the ego’s “will to get” into the heart’s “will to give”
  • Experience the transpersonal breakthrough of co-creating in a group without ego
  • Find the healthy balance between giving and receiving based on where you are in your spiritual evolution
  • Connect to the creative force of the cosmos and its overflowing joy and power
  • Dissolve the illusory power of the ego and open to the flow of divine intelligence

Module 7
Advanced Meditation and The Flowering of Spiritual Practice:
Opening to Your Superconscious Nature and Potential


  • Explore the deeper esoteric art and science of meditation
  • Experience presencing meditations on emptiness & inner spaciousness
  • Access higher levels of consciousness – from the sub-conscious to super- consciousness
  • Avoid meditation traps and see how certain spiritual practices can actually block our higher evolution
  • Dive deep into the art of meditation and the levels of awareness beyond your conventional ego perception
  • Learn to transcend the conditioned structures of your body, mind and emotions
  • Discover how to let go of personal and collective patterns that limit your awakening
  • Learn to transcend your conditioning so that you can relate to it rather than from it
  • Awaken beyond the collective imprints and momentum of thousands of years of evolution

Module 8
Advanced Mystical Principles for an Enlightened Life
Attuning to the Universal Laws of the Spirit


  • Experience the Initiation into mystical awareness
  • Cultivate a clear connection to your Inner wisdom and guidance
  • Understand the mystery of Polarity and the apparent duality that creates physical reality
  • Learn how to see through the veils of illusion to the underlying energy that is creating life
  • Discover the principles and laws of pure energy from the unformed to all of manifest creation
  • Mystical dance of inner and outer polarity – and the field of energy that is created in their union
  • Learn the underlying, fundamental principles of how reality is creating itself moment to moment
  • Discover the universal spiritual truths that connect to the ancient traditions
  • Understand how energy manifests in the physical world – how something appears from nothing
  • Learn the essential universal principles that will help your life flow with much more ease and grace
  • Explore how to work with mystical principles to empower your authentic awakening

Module 9
Living an Authentic Awakened Life
Integrating Enlightened Awareness into All Aspects of Who You Are


  • Integrate all that you have learned thus far
  • Learn how to further cultivate authentic awakening in your daily life
  • Deepen and expand on the tools and practices you have received
  • Learn final advanced practices to continue your evolution
  • How to bring greater enlightenment into our world
  • Discover how to live each day from the highest awareness

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