Ask Kristin – 5-Day Nerver-Again Super Offer


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Ask Kristin – 5 Day Nerver Again Supper Offer


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5-DAY NEVER-AGAIN SUPER OFFER Ready to access virtually everything you could possibly need to learn how to remove negative items on your credit report? All without the hassle of hiring someone or spending a year wasting money on processes and methods that don’t work!

What’s included:

5-video series: How to Dispute

Validation of Debt Package (8-letter series)

Dispute Reasons

Dispute Letter Tactics

Dispute Database including the Process Project which includes the Ultimate app – business version with bonus dispute reasons included, the Ultimate app – personal version, Dispute Reason Generator, Plug ‘n Print, Create a Client Portal, Dispute Workflow, Problem Letter Generator, Dispute Project, 165 Dispute Reasons, Advanced Creator Slides, Business Docs, reinsertion Letters, VOD and bureau Series, tracking sheets and templates, tracking sheet, dispute calendar, Identity Theft and others, Legal Letters, Zombie Debt, How to remove liens, Collection letters, cfpb and other templates

Dispute Methods – How to Maximize Results Webinar

125 Additional Dispute Reasons

Mastermind Tactics

How to dispute past round 1

Dispute Letter Guide

Entire Dispute Letter Library

Omni Letter Creator

Beginner’s Guide to Disputing

Most Important Cheat Sheet

26 Debt Collector Violations Stack

Dispute Funnel

How to remove student loans

Letterfy180 Dispute letter Creator Apps

Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Creator


2 Dispute Databases – Reasons and Letters


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