Arathi Ma – How to Heal Yourself Fundamentals​


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Arathi Ma – How to Heal Yourself Fundamentals​

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How to Heal Yourself Fundamentals

Includes Skill Teachings/Energy Transmissions /Attunement to Your Inherent Abilities

· Changing the Past

· Creating a new Future

· Accelerating in the Now

Accelerating in the Now Includes Skill Teachings/Energy Transmissions /Attunement to Your Inherent Abilities

About author

Arathi Ma (“Ara-tee-ma”) has been a spiritual guide and healer actively for the last 25 years. She has the unique gift to transmit source energy and instantly shift consciousness.

She lived in Italy, Germany, and the Bahamas, before she permanently settled in BC, in 1991. In 1985 she graduated in Nursing and in 1991 in Fine Arts. Her entire life she studied a vast body of theoretical and practical knowledge from many healing traditions, but has investigated and developed her own innate gift fully over the years, which is still evolving becoming more powerful and efficient. In her down-town Healing Centre and remote healing practice, she is working with a wide range of individuals from all walks of life for 21 years. Her full-time practice is active through word-by-mouth only; she has not advertised since 2006. Some Spiritual Biography

Early in life she raised questions about consciousness and the universe as a whole, accompanied by bouts of clairvoyance, phenomena of spiritual light and prophetic dreams. She recognized that real knowledge of life and true healing had to begin with a clear sense of who one really is. This led to an arduous and lengthy investigation into the depth of her own mind, soul, and existence that led to a variety of profound awakenings. She studied with many teachers and Masters from different traditions and nationalities: Danish Healer Gurli Ohnen, South African Master/Healer Hettienne Ma Grobler; Yoga and Meditation of Surad Shabd Yoga, Advaita, Vedanta (Namadeva-Thomas Ashley Farrand), Ayurveda (Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Light Miller), Siddhar Yoga, Ancient Wisdom, Meditation (Leslie Temple-Thurston, John DeRuiter, Isaac Shapiro, Mira/ Poonjaji, Swantantr Jyothi, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, David Spero), Soul Healing (Dr. Zhi Gang Sha), Reiki (teacher since 1991), Karuna Reiki® Master, Hatha Iyengar Yoga with James Fairbanks, Kundalini, Raja Yoga, Tantra with Anmol Metha. She was trained as Shaktipat and Diksha Guru in 2008. She also studied Western based methods such as NMT (Dr. Leslie Feinberg). Public Work in Community and Private SectorIn 1996 she was trained by Britain’s Harry Edwards’ National Federation of Spiritual Healers as healer and certified teacher; she taught their syllabus at the Vancouver School Board in 1996. She also made public presentation at private and non-for-profit businesses as well as introduced Westminster’s Secondary School student’s to the world of energetics. In 2003 she trained Home Support Workers as Reiki Practitioners to assist people with disability.

Today, embracing and transcending traditions, concepts, and structures, Arathi Ma continuously blends East and West, the known and the unknown, matter and spirit, technique and chaos, forever allowing for Universal Love Consciousness to open and flower within each individual.

Her vision is for more people to effortlessly leave behind living a life of fear and survival and to [b]liberate your full potential as the unique talent and gift that you are, that leads to community and global transformation that is embedded and expressive of the true nature of consciousness itself.

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