Arash Dibazar – Reignite The Fire Within


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Arash Dibazar – Reignite The Fire Within

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The feeling, that you have when for whatever reason you feel insecure and you doubt yourself, is definitely a feeling, that you feel in your body. Whenever you have doubt, when you feel insecure about who you are, maybe your looks your money, your relationships, the sensation of being insecure and doubting is felt all through your body, in every cell…

Every cell in your body is alive. Its a living organism. The mind is the command center. What you put in your mind, acts as a command in your body. If at any time you find yourself, you feel bad about whatever reason, you feel insecure, doubting, at that moment, the thoughts youre carrying, if you could see them, if you could hear them, would be thoughts,that would make anybody insecure and anybody doubtful.All thats happening is, youre running a process inside of your mind, thats creating the emotions which we call and label insecurities.

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Dont you think its important to move with confidence? To act with certainty. You want to feel strong, dont you? Strength inside is a process, a way of thinking about yourself. Recognizing that you are alive and this is your life and I want you to discover for yourself, that you can be confident, against all adversity, because people have done it before you, which means you can do it also.


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