Applying Analytics – A Practical Introduction


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Applying Analytics – A Practical Introduction

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Newcomers to quantitative analysis need practical guidance on how to analyze data in the real world yet most introductory books focus on lengthy derivations and justifications instead of practical techniques.

Covering the technical and professional skills needed by analysts in the academic, private, and public sectors, Applying Analytics:

A Practical Introduction systematically teaches novices how to apply algorithms to real data and how to recognize potential pitfalls. It offers one of the first textbooks for the emerging first course in analytics.

The text concentrates on the interpretation, strengths, and weaknesses of analytical techniques, along with challenges encountered by analysts in their daily work.

The author shares various lessons learned from applying analytics in the real world. He supplements the technical material with coverage of professional skills traditionally learned through experience, such as project management, analytic communication, and using analysis to inform decisions.

Example data sets used in the text are available for download online so that readers can test their own analytic routines. Suitable for beginning analysts in the sciences, business, engineering, and government, this book provides an accessible, example-driven introduction to the emerging field of analytics. It shows how to interpret data and identify trends across a range of fields.

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