Applied Econometrics – An Introduction


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Applied Econometrics – An Introduction

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The goal of the book is to facilitate both teaching of applied econometrics, particularly in undergraduate and Master courses, and learning by students or those concerned with a formal measurement of economic events. Statistics is needed for a correct formulation of the problem and interpretation of the results, but an excess of formalization may discourage students.

For this reason, the statistical content of this book is rigorous but limited to what is strictly necessary for a proper application of the methods. All theoretical concepts are then illustrated empirically, with examples that use either simulated data, in order to have a more immediate and controlled feedback, or actual data on economic variables.

The software used is EViews, usually available in academic computer rooms or otherwise at an affordable price.

Each chapter begins with the necessary theoretical background, continues with the practical applications based on simulated and real data using EViews, and concludes with a summary of the main concepts developed in the chapter and with both theoretical and applied exercises as a way to test and improve learning.

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